Autonomous park lighting: comfort and magnificence

Parks, squares, prettily landscaped and cultivated places always attract people, especially in the evening. Taking a walk in a marvelous park, enjoying the night scenery is a pleasure that can be given to people by creating comfort for them - high-quality autonomous park lighting. Solar-powered lighting is profitable, modern and reliable solution at the present time.

Park lighting is indispensable, essential and very necessary when night falls. The night is appealing and mysterious, but when you are alone in the darkness, it becomes scary and very uncomfortable even to the bravest.

It gets dark late in the summertime and anyone can stroll or jog around the green area all day long, but in winter it becomes a particularly acute problem. The most important that it starts to get dark when the children return home after extra-curricular circles and sections. Everyone agrees that even in a private park, you are getting anxious when there are dark spots that cause unpleasant associations and fear. Park autonomous lighting completely solves the problem and provides not only comfort but also safety for people.

Features of autonomous park lighting

It makes sense to think over the benefits of autonomous park lighting, which does not depend on various conditions, but guarantees quality light as soon as darkness comes. 

Very often conventional and typical lighting fails. Let's say, as we all observe, in many cities the ordinary lighting remains, which activates with the schedule at the same exact time, while weather conditions are not taken into account. From season to season and also depending on weather conditions it can get dark much earlier, just when many people, especially children, are have to return home. Existence of the intelligent controller in solar panel lighting entirely frees you from this problem.

There are many reasons to choose autonomous park lighting:

  • alternative energy sources - solar panels - more beneficial and cost-effective;
  • lighting on solar power does not require human control;
  • solar panels look modern, futuristic, and when in complex with beautiful lanterns - they create a stunning outlook.

In most cases, stand-alone park lighting is used where it is not possible to draw standard wires at power distribution points or when these wires spoil the whole exterior concept. The question of safety and comfort is also worth considering.

In the STOLB online store, you can choose any set of independent park lighting on solar panels to create secure and splendid conditions in any green area. Modern solar panels, exquisite luminaires, reliable LED lamps, original and beautiful columns - all this allows to take care of both comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

How does autonomous park lighting work?

The online store STOLB has a large selection of solar-powered stand-alone park lighting.

The principle of operation is quite plain:

  1. Throughout the day, when the sun is shining, the solar panel actively accumulates energy and stores it in the battery. The solar battery is in a state of rest in the process of energy accumulation.
  2. When darkness arrives, special built-in sensors start responding to the onset of gloom and the stored energy is activated. When the color of natural light outside changes, the system automatically turns the light on or off. With the help of controller, you can turn on the light in cloudy or rainy days, by calculating the brightness of daylight using the sensors.

This functionality and convenience make you to forget about illumination issues at night. By choosing autonomous park lighting, you can keep calm and confidence that in any weather, in any situation, the darkness will not caught you by surprise. No matter if it's a private or publicly accessible to everyone territory, in any case it is important for people to not to be afraid of walking at night, to feel comfort and enjoyment of the night scenery.

Choosing an autonomous park lighting kit

A autonomous park lighting kit on a solar panel can consist of various components in different quantities, depending on which specifically kit is selected in the STOLB online store catalogue. Typically, solar-power lighting kits consist of:

  • reliable column made of the selected material;
  • bracket;
  • a device for mounting of a pole/column;
  • photoelectric panels with mounting on a support;
  • LED lamps;
  • intelligent controller;
  • gel battery;
  • special box for installation of the battery in the ground.

It is necessary to select a set based on the area of the territory, the number of lighting fixtures that has to be installed, and also the design. As a rule, park lighting, suggests the presence of a beautiful tall column capable of placing the lighting fixture or several fixtures in the most effective position as possible. The luminaires themselves differs from one another in shape, design as well, so you can choose, taking into account the exterior and features of the park arrangement.

Advantages of autonomous park lighting on solar panels

There are many reasons to choose this lighting option:

  • it is not necessary to lay wires, component parts to have lighting;
  • such devices are safe and reliable compared to conventional ones;
  • autonomy of operation allows to receive high-quality illumination regardless of various circumstances;
  • lighting devices with solar batteries significantly save energy;
  • the lighting is very comfortable not only in terms of visibility but also for perception of vision; light is soft, dispersed;
  • the lamps do not heat up.

Park autonomous solar panel lighting is made of dependable and solid materials that serve for years. The only drawback is that they could fail to function normally or satisfactorily when insufficient sunlight. Howsoever, this problem is solved by usual recharging from a removable portable battery.

The STOLB online store offers a huge selection of lighting kits for parks and other landscaped green areas, with lots of solar panel sets in the catalogue, so you can choose the right equipment and create safe, comfortable conditions at dark period of the day.

When it is dark outside, but clearly visible in the park, you can discover a mysterious, adorable night scenery, enjoy the exterior that acquires new features at night, transformes and that is perceived differently. Qualitative lighting has to be innovative and reliable, qualitative lighting is STOLB.


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