Modern society is now experiencing a period of awareness of its consumer behavior. The uncontrolled use of resources is being replaced by cost-effective technologies. This is due to economic and environmental changes on our planet. But it is not a matter of blindly abandoning important components of our comfort and safety. We'll talk about how modern smart technology can cut costs without sacrificing the things we need. We will talk about smart street lighting, created on the basis of smart-technologies.

Why is it so important?

Street lighting has several functions:

  • Ensures traffic safety. Pedestrians and cyclists see the road better and can avoid dangerous areas;
  • Reduces the criminogenic situation of areas. Statistics show that in the illuminated areas, offenses occur less frequently or disappear;
  • Create an overall attractive image of the city, district or park.

But now electricity is significantly more expensive and this trend continues. In the conditions of tariffs’ increase it is necessary to increase expenses or to reduce cost items. Street lighting belongs to the category that cannot be excluded, but not everyone has the opportunity to invest additional costs on a regular basis.

Smart technologies - the solution to the problem

The use of smart systems avoids the regular increase in electricity costs without reducing the level of security. It is possible through the use of motion sensors.

The algorithm of such lighting is simple:

  • At a certain programmed time, for example at 23:00, all luminaires go into economy mode - 30% of power, 13 watts;
  • If an object is registered in the area of ​​the motion sensor (the system is designed for humans, so false positives from animals are minimized), the power of the nearest lamp gradually rises to 100% to avoid glare;
  • As the night pedestrian or cyclist moves, one by one other lights will gradually switch to maximum mode;
  • The lamps left behind return smoothly to the minimum consumption mode;
  • When the sensors stop registering the movement, the whole lighting system switches to economical operation;
  • In the winter season, when it is still dark in the morning, you can program the transition to maximum brightness at 06:00. There is no need for this in the summer.

Even with the frequent appearance of visitors or pedestrians at night, smart technology can achieve a significant reduction in electricity costs. The effect of the installation can reach 50% savings.

Due to this, street smart lighting systems pay off fairly fast and then there is an accumulation of savings. The service life of modern LED lamps is at least 50,000 hours (12 years). Their replacement is inexpensive, so even in the long run, smart street lighting systems are very profitable.

The use of smart technologies is not only an opportunity to save. Such innovations improve the appearance of the territory and show a progressive approach to management and an active position on important issues of modern humanity.