Smart Stolb Park X is one of the first "smart" lamps of Ukrainian production, which is able to confidently compete with the developments of international companies. In developing, we have taken into account current design trends, as well as the principles of reasonable consumption. We set ourselves the task of creating the most functional and safe device, and successfully solved it.

Smart Stolb Park X has standard functionality to provide effective "smart" lighting:

  • The dimming unit provides change of brightness taking into account needs for illumination. When there are no people in the park or on the street, the lights work only at 50% power. This saves electricity and LED life;
  • Motion sensors allow you to detect the appearance of pedestrians or cyclists at low light. This transmits a signal to the dimming unit and the brightness gradually rises to a maximum.

In the production of this park lamp, we used the best components, taking into account all the features:

  • Philips lighting elements have a guaranteed service life of 5 years and are among the best in the world;
  • Mean Well controllers are highly stable at a reasonable cost;
  • Steel support with a square section and a wall thickness of 3 mm. We calculated the design so that it withstands wind and vibration well, was not too heavy.

But this is a necessary minimum for "smart" lamps.

Smart Stolb Park X can significantly expand its functionality through additional modules:

  • Become a wireless internet access point;
  • Become a loudspeaker and music station;
  • Allow to charge mobile devices. There are even special stands so as not to keep the gadget in a hanging position while charging;
  • Become a gas station for electric cars;
  • Monitor air quality, which is especially valuable for residents of megacities;
  • Integrate the camcorder to further enhance the security of the installation area.

Thus Smart Stolb Park X allows modifying not only additional functions, but also the main characteristics of the lamp:

  • Choose height;
  • Determine the maximum power of the LED unit;
  • Order painting in any of the shades of the RAL palette;
  • Select the glow temperature.

So you cannot just buy at a relatively low price a smart park lamp with world-class quality. You determine the parameters that you and your project need.

We do not offer you what you have seen many times. We show the most efficient and economical solution without unnecessary overpayments, which is on the Ukrainian market.