Lighting of pedestrian crossings is an extremely important issue, since the safety of all road users depends on the quality of the light and the reliability of the lightening. 

People who's having a walk or go somewhere on business often have to cross the road. Pedestrian crossings that drivers are able to see thanks to special signs and marks on the road are very helpful in this. But at night, when the darkness comes or when it's gloomy and vaguely or rainy, pedestrians may not feel as comfortable as in the day period. The main reason of the discomfort or anxious about crossing the road in the dark is insufficient or bad lightening. When choosing the street lightening it's very important to pay a great attention, particularly, at the pedestrian crossings. 

What should the pedestrian crossing lighting be like?

Without doubt it should be bright and reliable enough. But there's a row of technical indicators that must be considered while selection of lighting fixtures. 

Those criterias on lighting at the pedestrian crossings should be taken into account:

  • luminous flux;
  • vertical illumination;
  • horizontal illumination;

All this means that for both pedestrian and driver it's necessary to notice and see the pedestrian crossings and everything that is happening at it, and moreover, driver must distinguish people on the road even at the fairly big distances. When choosing the luminaires for the pedestrian crossings you should pay an attention on technical characteristics.

Light flux and types of pedestrian crossings' lighting

Light flux is measured in lumens. This is the amount of light emitted by the lamp. Respectively, it is not possible to measure this amount of light flow on the surface or at any specific point. A significant point is to correctly disperse light at a pedestrian crossing due to asymmetric distribution of light.

Lightening is measured in lux. This is the light amount incident on the surface. In most cases, the crucial decisive factor is the even (uniform) average lighting.

Vertical Illumination, Ev is the amount of light incident on a vertical surface. If we talk about the lighting of pedestrian crossings, the high level of vertical illumination helps to create a visible contrast for the driver between the road and pedestrians.

Horizontal illumination, Eh is the amount of light incident on a horizontal surface. For pedestrians, this indicator is also important because the high level of horizontal illumination allows you to see the pedestrian crossing from a fairly large distance.

Choosing lighting systems for pedestrian crossings

In the STOLB online store, you can select ready lighting systems for pedestrian crossings, or on your own, or with the help of a consultant, select poles, fixtures and other needed details to ensure the maximum of the road safety.

With the onset of darkness, people experience a certain fear when everything around is poorly visible, familiar objects look a bit different at daylight. Drivers and pedestrians feel especially insecure at such conditions, because health and life of them and others depend on their actions. To help road users feel as comfortable and safe as possible, it is necessary to provide them with adequate illumination, taking into consideration the level of luminous flux, horizontal and vertical illumination.

Often, especially in large cities and very crowded streets, lamps are already installed. But often, due to the certain weather conditions or incorrect operation, the amount of them on the streets is in deficiency. It makes sense to install additional street lighting fixtures for pedestrian crossings.

In the STOLB catalog you can find:

  • poles for lighting pedestrian crossings
  • supports for signs and roads, poles for solar panels;
  • LED street lights;
  • autonomous lighting systems;
  • component parts;
  • ready systems for lighting pedestrian crossings.

Proper lighting of a pedestrian crossing is someone's saved life and health. City council and road services can't neglect safety, it is necessary to pick out the optimal lamps, poles, supports, so that the section of the road crossed by people becomes several times more illuminated than just the side of the roads.

Incorrectly selected lamps and poles, improper location of light sources can not only solve the problem but on the contrary harm, for example, worsen the visibility for drivers, pedestrians. The light should not be blinding and dazzling, but it should be bright enough from all angles to allow the driver to see the crossing in good time and distinguish the road from pedestrians. This is why it is so important not to ignore the choice of crosswalks lighting.

Optimal street lighting for pedestrian crossings

To ensure that the crosswalk is clearly visible at any time of the year, any time of the day, it is important to choose:

  • lamp;
  • lighting pole;
  • pedestrian sign, traffic light;
  • component parts for the installation of the lighting system.

A modern and very convenient option is to equip pedestrian crossings with a remote controlled autonomous lighting system. Also you can choose ready-made lighting systems, among which for sure has the acceptable option for any pedestrian crossing in big cities and small towns.

 Not all the cities have switched to LED lights, but it should be done because of the plenty of advantages of such lamps:

  1. The pedestrian crossing is much more noticeable in light from the LED bulb.
  2. The colors are not distorted, in fact there's the effect of daylight.
  3. These lamps are more economically viable and durable.

When choosing LED luminaires, you should pay attention to poles and columns, fixtures, brackets and other components. Lighting a pedestrian crossing can:

  • be located on both sides of the road or on one side;
  • be supplied with additional lamps;
  • supplemented with two-way LED signs "Pedestrian Crossing";
  • be established with a two-way pulse traffic lights and additional lamp;
  • be equipped with autonomous lighting systems with remote control.

The online store catalog has everything you need to select the optaimal suitable pedestrian lighting and create a safe environment for all pedestrians and drivers. Choosing the right lighting fixtures allows to avoid a variety of accidents, helps to feel comfortable even at night and creates a sense of security, because qualitative and proper lighting truly makes pedestrian crossings safer.

LED lamp for lighting of pedestrian crossings ROSA ISKRA LED P 36