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Park column with integrated charging station for ROSA KARIN LED EV BASIC 3.4 кВт

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Park column with integrated charging station for electric cars ROSA KARIN LED EV BASIC 3.4 kW

The smart LED park pole ROSA KARIN EV is a complete solution that has a built-in charger for AC electric vehicles with a Type 2 connector and a LED lighting module. Depending on the configuration, the power of the charging station of electric vehicles can range from 3.4 kW to 22 kW AC. In addition, the integrated monitoring module allows you to analyze the status and power consumption of the LED module and charger.


The product is available in two configurations:

  • KARIN LED EV BASIC version, offered for installation on private sites and available with 3.7 kW and 7.4 kW;
  • The public version of KARIN LED EV, based on a system that supports OCPP v.1.6, has access control via RFID card. OCPP compliance ensures full integration of the station with commercially available management systems that allow you to authorize and pay for billing services. Available with power 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW.

High aesthetics of execution

Karin EV column housings are made of anodized aluminum, which guarantees high aesthetic qualities and resistance to weather conditions. You can order a station in one of ten anodizing colors.

Versatility of use

In addition to the obvious benefits and aesthetics, an additional benefit is the savings that would have to be spent on building a separate lighting and charging infrastructure. Installation is easy due to the fact that the thin body has all the necessary electrical elements: protection devices and energy meters in accordance with the MID directive. The Karin EV park pole is ideal for any corner of the city, like retail chains, hotels, restaurants, city car parks, car rentals and private homes.

Technical characteristics of ROSA KARIN LED EV BASIC 3.4 kW

Application                                         Parking near office buildings, hotels and restaurants, private estates / houses

Degree of protection                           IP 66 for optical part and driver

Material                                                Aluminum alloy, anodized (with the possibility of anodizing in 10 colors)

The service life of the LED module     L90F10 is 50,000 hours, L80F20 is 100,000 hours

CRI                                                       > 80 for 2700K, 3500K; > 70 for 4000K, 5000K

The total power of the lamp / LED module    20 W / 16 W.

Supply voltage frequency                        50 - 60Hz

Lens optical system                                PMMA

Rated power of the charging point of the speaker      3.7 kW

Charging connector                                IEC62196 Type-2

Types of protection                                Overcurrent circuit breaker and RCD type A (optional RCD type B or RCD type EV)

Degree of protection of the electric camera      IP 54

Power cable                                            up to 16 mm2 Al / Cu

Network diagram                                    TT, TN-S, TNC-S

Standard for charging stations                EN 61854-1: 2011

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