подсветка фасадов, архитектурное освещение

Today it is hard to overestimate the role of architectural illumination in creating a bright and vibrant night city image. Well-thought to the little details lightening of the facades of buildings and structures, fountains and bridges, city architectural monuments and even ordinary stores/shops helps them to become recognizable and memorable. However, the original lighting solution has not only a functional but also an aesthetic purpose. Furthermore, it is an indicator of popularity and prestige for some individual objects (banks, hotels, shopping and office centers). It is because the decent appearance of the facade, its respectability in the dark period of the day directly affects the commercial success of an object.

Consequently, investing in architectural illumination happens to be the best investment into the image of the building in particular and the city in general. But it is possible only if a professional approach to its organization is being provided. Given the relevance of this issue, let us discuss this in more detail.

Architectural Lighting: What could it be?

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Nowadays, modern architects and designers who involved in designing of the exteriors of different buildings and structures hold in their hands a huge amount of tools that can empasize the advantageous sides and hide the disadvantageous. However, as it was mentioned before, one of the most popular method is architectural lighting, which is represented today by the next types:

  • local zonal or accent facade illumination. By using it, you can highlight the main elements of architectural objects. And it is implemented through LED facade lamps with directional light;
  • general illumination. It is mostly used for complete lighting of buildings and structures. Its main purpose is a holistic perception of the object. To achieve this, it is enough to use powerful floodlights, installing them on the ground or on the nearby buildings. Outdoor lighting of this type is relevant for large architectural structures, for example sports;
  • hidden art lighting. The uniqueness of the architectural lighting of this type is that it is implemented with the help of facade lamps hidden from the human eye. This approach allows specialists to embody projects of unprecedented beauty, transforming facades of buildings and structures beyond recognition;
  • silhouette or background lighting of architectural objects. It is used in cases where there is a need to highlight the outlines of the structure. These projects could be brought to life through the installation of floodlights on the back of buildings;
  • contour street illumination of the facade. This type of architectural lighting is relevant where it is appropriate the definition of geometric shapes or elements of buildings. For these purposes linear lamps perfectly fit;
  • dynamic color illumination. This decorative (art) illumination of the facades combines several effects at once - changing the intensity of light flux, contrast and color. And to attain this effect is possible through the use of floodlights and lamps of different types. 

But whichever facade backlight option is preferred by specialists when designing a project, in any case, they strive for a common goal. To ensure that the appearance of the object in the dark was the most similar to its appearance during the day and create a unique exterior that is unmatched in natural light.

Features of architectural lighting of different types of objects

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Today, architectural lighting for buildings and structures is used everywhere. It is in deed a very clear and reasoned by modern mankind process.It helps to transform all, without exception, objects of architecture from ordinary and dull buildings into original and modern structures, from which it is difficult to look away, in which one wants to return again and again. But before starting the designing of lighting for a particular object, professionals must pay attention to their purpose. For example:

  • all business buildings (banks, offices and business centers) are often fully covered with light. At the same time, the entrance to them can be "filled in" with a different color;
  • next to shopping malls, it is more logical to install powerful spotlights that emit bright light streams into the night sky. The use of such lighting fixtures is also suitable to illuminate the facades of new buildings at the stage of their sale;
  • while implementing the lighting project of an architectural monument, the main task of illuminators is not only to emphasize with the light the conception of its creator, but also not to destroy his main idea.

And finally, highlighting the facades lined with glossy materials requires a special approach. The thing is that they have reflective capabilities, resulting in the reflection of the lamps in themselves, forming bright blinding spots. And only true professionals are capable to solve this problem by installing the right lighting fixtures on the facades of buildings. Actually, such specialists you can find in the company Stolb.com.ua.

Role of LED lamps in architectural lighting of facades

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The popularity of LED lamps is increasing every year. This is noted by practically all professionals responsible for lighting buildings. This is not a surprise, since LED-based devices have many indisputable advantages, like:

  • economy: unlike conventional lamps, LEDs consume an order of magnitude less electricity;
  • durability: the lifetime of devices on LEDs is in several times higher than that of conventional incandescent lamps. In addition, the former have better resistance to mechanical and thermal influences. They can be used in a wide temperature range (from -60 to +40 ° C) without worrying about premature failure;
  • safety: operation of LED lamps allows to avoid blinding effect. And besides, they have completely no flicker, that you can't say about daylight lamps.

As we can see, for clearly meeting the goal of the architectural illumination of the facade of the building, it is important not only to have a good project, but also to properly select the lighting for its implementation.

A team of experienced specialists from Stolb.com.ua will gladly help you to solve both problems.

Examples of completed projects can be viewed here.