Проектиривание уличного освещения

If we were asked to announce the main words that describe the key principles of our company, we would definitely say: comfort, beauty and reliability. Diode street lighting creates a special atmosphere on the streets and in park areas. And we're doing our best to make every corner of the streets and squares look very admirable: moderate and distinct, vivid and elegant, remarkable and mysterious - different types of projects are available depending on the tasks you have set for us.  

Almost all known types of LED luminaires and supports for designing park/street lighting can be found in our catalogues. Accessories for installation, all kinds of supports and brackets for street and park lanterns, masts, systems for the industrial street lighting projects and most importantly: design of landscape lighting of any complexity and scale. We've got the diode equipping projects and those that can be designed individually for your situation. Our team can eaasily transform not only your backyard or patio behind the house into a beautiful pleasing place, but as well a long central city street, or any seafront, or square.  

Diode park lighting of stadiums, equipment of underground tunnels and incredibly beautiful facade compositions - the approach to the design of street lighting will always be different. You draw a rough sketch of how you see the illumiantion project at your object. From our side you'll get a complex designing including the scheme of calculation of structures, the project itself and, for sure, the absolute representation of all the elements of future outdoor LED system of illumination of the pedestrian zones on the streets, greet areas etc. 

Diode street lighting: poles, brackets and lamps

When we talk about the design project of diode street lighting, we mean the establishment of a series of poles with the same brackets and LED luminaires. You can find aluminium and galvanized poles for outdoor lighting in our catalolgue. 

Aluminum poles are considered to be lightweight and reliable and also one of the most popular right now among the supports for street lighting. Besides, this material is perfectly suitable to easily get pretty resistant and durable construction. And what can be better for the street decoration than the cascades of design lanterns shedding its calm and peaceful light on the houses and passers-by? Such kind of project would be nice for everyone. 

Aluminum construction for outdoor lighting will not only perform its work for many years, but also please the eye with its modish design. Unusual and classic fastening, lightweight and solid supports. And, additionally, 20 noble shades - a gorgeous palette of anodizing (covering metals with a thin layer of salts - an analogue of bluing of weapon steel) without violation of the integrity of the upper oxide layer. Such coatings for the supports of the diode park lanterns and luminaires lasts much longer than any paint. 

What's more is that the aluminium poles for street and park LED lighting  for 100% are not sensitive to the corrosion and this is a well-known fact. Aluminium poles for LED lighting are pretty light so their installation does not require lot's of  time and cost. But at the same time they are enduring and steady enough to not be responsive to the very strong wind. 

Moreover, we can suggest you galvanized poles for the implementation of the diode lanscape illumination project. Available designs from 3 to 20 m and above. This is the ideal budget-saving supports for the street/parking areas, which are not particularly inferior to aluminum ones in their performance characteristics.  

Elegant LED Luminaires for Landscape Park Lighting: Park Zones and Gardens

It should be understood that the diode lighting of park areas is not just a series of park LED lamps on the street, which provides comfortable movement of pedestrians in the dark. It's also the creation of adornments that would decorate and complement the support and lighting fixtures, and brings to the specific idea. LED lanterns for park zones is a project that inbreathes unforgettable serene music into silent everyday life.  Park lanterns convert radically the appearance of the green areas, street, lanes, avenues especially at night. And we guarantee that our project would be as much successful as it could be, so the ordinary city garden will be transformed into the a real dreamlike land.  

Here, our tasks fall into two categories:

1. Diode LED-lamps for street projects;
2. diode LED lamps for the design of inside (rooms, premises etc) lighting.

Projects for children's zones, sports and playgrounds, complexes, projects for cascade parks, pedestrian zones for walking and jogging, park shoreline, facades - implementation of any, even the most intricate LED lighting projects is in our hands. We always help our clients in all of their beginnings.

Scheme of tunnel lighting project, calculation and design of industrial lighting

In addition to park and street lighting, we are also involved in the design of LED lighting for industrial complexes. Such lighting differs from the household lighting by the intensity of luminous flux, its distribution and power. Systems for industrial illumination design meets the sanitary and health quality standards. 

Tunnel lighting projects are also carried out based on the quality standards. All systems have to be with th brightness level regulation, switching of night and day levels of street underground lighting. 

Stolb Company: design and calculation. Park and street LED systems

If you need a project of street, park or industrial lighting arrangement or improvement - we are nearby. Working with small and large objects, facade design of a light cocoon - with the Rosa and other well-known brands everything is possible. 

By working with us, you get:

  • design by first-class engineers (already finished projects can be found on the relevant section of the website);
  • the best lamps/luminaires and supports;
  • solid installation equipment for the project implementation;
  • fast order fulfillment and delivery to any place in Ukraine.
  • low prices and honest description;
  • all products in stock;
  • quality assurance for park and street LED lighting systems.

When working with us, you can always be sure of the end result.

For detailed consultation, please call the number at the top right corner of the website.