Autonomy, rationality, environmental friendliness - these qualities have become mandatory for most technologies. Our company "STOLB" is engaged actively in the equipment supply for street, industrial and park lighting, as well as the production of its own structures. We take into account the needs of domestic consumers, the peculiarities of our territory, demand and customer opportunities. This allows us to offer you only that product which is in demanded and rational. An example is our new development - the Stolb SLP CUT stand-alone park luminaires.

Construction characteristics

Creating the model, we took into account not only the requests of potential buyers, but also the experience of global developers, as well as new developments. As a result, we managed to create a balanced design in terms of parameters, reliability and cost:

  • Stylish minimalist design, which differs in its versatility. The support will organically fit into any landscape, which will stand out sharply against the background of the urban ensemble;
  • Quality material, the thickness of which is very accurately calculated. This allows you to achieve the desired strength, without overspending and unreasonable increase in the weight of the structure;
  • We placed the battery in the support. This protects it from attempted theft, eliminates the need to install a box in the ground or a hinged unit and anti-vandal system. This move does not increase the cost of production, and also maintains a spectacular concise design;
  • Under the powder paint on the support, we apply a primer containing zinc, and to protect the flange we use gas-thermal spraying of zinc in accordance with the standard EN 40-5: 2002;
  • The solar panel is mounted on a bracket with a 360-degree rotation angle. This allows you to accurately place the photocells relative to the sun and use the potential of the structure to the maximum regardless of the position of the lamp.

Effective control of park lighting

In addition to general design solutions, we have paid much attention to the quality, energy efficiency and reliability of the light and battery module.

  • We use LED blocks, which are currently considered the best option for the vast majority of street and park lighting projects. Due to the secondary optics, this type of luminaire does not give the effect of lateral glare, even at maximum brightness. They are the most energy efficient, which is especially important for battery life;
  • Polycrystalline solar panel, with tempered glass 3.2 mm thick, covered with a layer that absorbs solar radiation. It has been tested in accordance with IEC 61215 for snow loads up to 5400 Pa (approx. 5.4 kN / m2) and IEC 61730;
  • Controller - MPPT 10A - 24V with degree of protection: IP68 and small weight. The lamp on time is determined by measuring the voltage on the solar panel. It allows the most efficient use of photocells by tracking the maximum power they generate. In addition, it is complemented by an LED driver to adjust the brightness level in 4 time intervals. So, at night you can reduce the intensity to 50% and save energy;
  • LiFePO4 battery equipped with BMS controller. It is able to operate in the temperature range -25 ... + 60 ℃, has the function of controlling the charge process and the temperature of the battery;
  • The support can be equipped with a Bluetooth module and organize its remote control and integration into a single lighting system.

The Stolb SLP CUT model in the basic complete set is already ready for installation and connection. You do not have to spend time and resources on the selection, purchase and delivery of additional items - we have already collected everything you need in a set.

Smart version

The transition to smart lighting has long been out of the category of "fashion trends" and is gradually becoming a necessary minimum for any area.

Smart Stolb SLP CUT combines all the basic items that are supplemented:

  • Motion sensor, which detects the approach of a pedestrian and returns the brightness of the lamp by 100%, if it was lower at that time;
  • Ability to install a wireless router module for Internet distribution;
  • Connectors for charging portable devices. There are special pockets for smartphones so as not to keep it on the weight;
  • Air quality monitoring point. It determines the humidity and temperature, as well as the number of fine particles of PM 2.5 and 10, carbon dioxide (CO2).

Pros of own production

First of all, it is an opportunity of our personal control over each production stage and selection of material. This allows you to give a guarantee on the company's products. But there is another advantage that is important to customers.

Thanks to own production any base model can be modified at the request of the customer or features of the lighting project. We offer you not only standard, but also individual solutions that can adapt them to your budget, scale - to best meet the needs of modern, efficient and reliable street lighting.