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LED street luminaire Schreder Ampera Mini 36 Watt

Article: Ampera Mini 36 Вт

LED street luminaire Schreder Ampera Mini 36 Watt


The Ampera product range sets new standards in LED lighting, offering efficient and versatile solutions with the shortest payback time. Ampera's long service lifetime and maintenance service are minimized maintenance, assuring a minimum total cost of ownership.

Available in 3 overall dimensions, with scalable optics up to 35,200 Lm and selective light type, the Ampera meets all street and road lighting requirements. This line is the perfect solution for replacing luminaire with lamps. Usually, the Ampera Mini is an alternative to the 70W traditional light sources while the Ampera Midi and Ampera Maxi provide significant energy savings when replacing the 150 and 250W luminaires.


Ampera lamps can go in the set with elements of the Schreder OWLET IoT control systems [more details] for autonomous operation regime, in offline or interacting network or supplied only with the NEMA 7 connector for installation of other lighting control systems.

All the Ampera luminaire have the ability to use programmable dimming and and function "light on demand" with motion sensors using (as an option, it is possible to position the put motion sensor on the luminaire's body) to adapt lighting to the real needs of the place and time and create the safest and most comfortable environment [more details].

As an option, Schreder Ampera can be equipped with a Bluetooth module which allows to program (program dimming) and analyze the state of individual single luminaire [more details].


Ampera fits the concept FutureProof. If necessary or with the further development of LED-technology, the optics and control unit of the luminaire could be replaced with more modern ones without using of a tool.


As an option: Some Ampera versions may be combined with a backlight control system. Due to the additional panel inside the corps of the lamp, the light flow behind the luminaire is minimized, accordingly avoiding getting light inside the houses.

Light distributions without limitation of the backlight

Light distributions with limitation of the backlight


The usual solution takes into account the amortization of the luminous flux over the time, which leads to excessive lighting and, consequently, excessive electricity consumption when installing the lamp fixtures. Over the time, the light output slowly decreases to the minimum required level by the end of the lifetime of the installation. (Graph A).
Ampera luminaires work differently, having the function of constant luminous flux (constant luminous flux - CLO).

Ampera controls its energy consumption during the whole lifecycle of the lamp in autonomous regime and with high accuracy to constantly provide the required level of light flux - no more and no less (Graph B).

Thereby, the CLO function gives the additional energy savings of up to 10% during luminaire exploitation.

Teceo - Constant Light OutputTeceo - Maintaining constant luminous flux

Technical characteristics

Power 36 W
Quantity of LED 16 LED
Color temperature and CRI 3000К - CRI80 4000К - CRI70
Nominal luminous flux (lm)* from 2900 - to 3700 Lm from 3500 - to 4400 Lm
Residual luminous flux 100.000hr tq 25°C** 90%
Optics 5102AS/5137AS
LED module current 700 mА
Nominal supply voltage 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Power coeficient >0.9
Surge protection​​​​ 10 kV
Dimming (DALI or 1-10V) Present [more details]
Sensor  PIR (as an option, please specify when ordering) [more details]
Opportunity to control [more details]  

Wireless control by the ZigBee protocol

The possibility of supply with NEMA 7 connector for installation of control system (as an option, please specify when ordering)

Bluetooth wireless control

The possibility of supply with a Bluetooth module for program dimming and diagnostics via mobile phone  [more details] (as an option, please specify when ordering)

As part of the Schreder OWLET IoT remote control system

The possibility of supply the Schreder OWLET IoT system with Schreder LUCO P7CM controller [more details(as an option, please specify when ordering)

Luminaire driver programming

Dimming-free, programmable dimming, steady light flux (CLO) [more details]

Degree of protection​​​​

IP 66 (***)

Impact resistance (glass)

IK 09 (****)

Electrical safety class

I or II (***)


7.8 kg

Aerodynamic resistance​​​​​​ 0.087

Construction materials



Die-casted under the pressure of aluminum alloy


Tempered glass


AKZO 900 gray (any other color RAL or AKZO - custom-made)

Temperature range of operation -40 °C ... +55 °C

Ø48 - 60 mm for coronary and console installation with adjustable lamp angle (0° - 15°)

(possible supply of mounting unit of Ø32 - 48 mm and Ø76 mm)

Recommended installation height of the luminaire 4 - 5 m
Warranty period 120 months according to the Schreder Guarantee Terms

 View from the top






583 mm

674 mm

900 mm


340 mm

436 mm

438 mm

 View from the side










LED optics 5102

Different types of optics available.

Sample images for Schreder Ampera

Additional information about this product by phone request

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Type of light source Світлодіод
Power 36
Color temperature of light 3000 К, 4000 К
Manufacturer Schreder