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LED street luminaire Schreder Avento 2 - 174 Watt

Article: Avento 2-174

LED street luminaire Schreder Avento 2 - 174 Watt


Avento offers a high quality and energy efficient solution for lighting different ecosystems (streets, roads, pedestrian zones, parking lots and highways) at an affordable price.

AVENTO is available in three overall sizes (Avento 1, Avento 2, Avento 3 and Avento S), which gives an opportunity to offer the right combination of light flow and light distribution according to the lighting object. In this case, the lighting corresponds the real needs of the environment.
Avento S allows to adjust the angle of the lamp in increments of 5° (-10 ° to + 5 °). As an option, Avento S comes with a polypropylene lid to close the mounting part. 

The luminaire has a universal unit for console mounting on the inlet with a diameter of 42 to 60 mm and large cooling fins for perfect heat withdrawal. With its ability to endure high ambient temperatures, vandal resistance (min. IR 09) and a high degree of IP66 protection, Avento delivers sustainable performance over time. Avento has a new MidFlex™ optical system with the maximum high efficiency that is possible in a super compact optical unit. The system offers scalable light flux with a modular number of LEDs and different operating currents. Avento is the best solution for reducing the payback time of LED lighting installation and ensuring the best profitability of investments.


AVENTO can come with a standard 7-pin NEMA connector (with or without IP 66 plug), allowing any time to move to the digital lighting era [more details] and has the compatibility with modern ways of outdoor lighting controls (for example Schreder OWLET system IoT [more details]. It's also possible to perform Schreder Avento with the function of programmable dimming (programming of the power of the luminaire depending on the time of day) and triggering from motion sensors [more details].

Technical characteristics

Power 174 W
Quantity of LED 240 LED
Color temperature and CRI 3000К - CRI70 4000К - CRI70
Nominal luminous flux (lm)* from 22400 - to 23500 Lm from 22900 - to 24100 Lm
Residual luminous flux 100.000hr tq 25°C** 85%
Optics 5195AS 
LED module current 700 mА
Nominal supply voltage 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Power coeficient >0.9
Surge protection​​​​ 10/20 кV
Dimming DALI or 1-10V [more details]
Motion/illumination sensor on the corps Unavailable
Opportunity of control [more details]  

Wireless control by the ZigBee protocol

The possibility of supply with NEMA 7 connector for installation of control system (as an option, please specify when ordering)

Bluetooth wireless control


As part of the Schreder OWLET IoT remote control system

The possibility of supply the Schreder OWLET IoT system with Schreder LUCO P7CM controller [more details(as an option, please specify when ordering)

Luminaire driver programming

Dimming-free, programmable dimming, steady light flux (CLO) [more details]

Degree of protection​​​​

IP 66 (***)

Impact resistance (glass)

IK 10 (****)

Electrical safety class

I (***)


11.7 kg

Aerodynamic resistance​​​​​​ 0.06

Construction materials


Housing + lid

Die-casted under the pressure of aluminum alloy




AKZO 7040 light gray (any other color RAL or AKZO - custom-made)

Temperature range of operation -40 °C ... +55 °C
Mounting Ø42 - 60 mm for console installation
Mounting possible Adapter for coronary mounting Ø42 - 76 (as an option, please specify when ordering)
Recommended installation height of the lamp from 10 m
Warranty period 60 months according to the Schreder Guarantee Terms
Overall dimensions

  Avento S  Avento 1  Avento 2
A 85 mm  114 mm  159 mm
 B 335 mm 485 mm 655 mm
C 308 mm  310 mm 359 mm


Avento luminaire is provided for console mounting to a pipe with a diameter of 42-60mm.


Avento S provides the possibility to adjust the angle of the lamp with 5° increments (-10 ° to + 5 °). 



Possibility of coronal attachment with the help of adapter.


LED optics 5196 LED optics 5195

LED optics 5256 LED optics 5261

Sample images for Schreder Avento

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Тарас Мариняк
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Type of light source Світлодіод
Power 179
Color temperature of light 3000 К, 4000 К
Manufacturer Schreder