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Exterior lighting is indispensable, as it helps to increase the level of safety of the territory, allows to feel comfortable even at night. It could be street and landscape. The first option only provides high-quality lighting that will create a safe and economical conditions. The second one involves the use of different types of lamps and luminaires so that lighting is not only enhances visibility but also accentuates the beauty, special charm of the night.

Features of park lighting

Street light involves a technical and design approach. Technical approach is the lighting technical calculation according to the current regulations, which allows you to select the optimal height and location of the columns, power of the LED lamp, type of optics. Design approach is about of choosing a luminaire design that should supplement the urban space, which is especially important in the historic zones of cities. Park lighting should make it secure to move around, even when it is very dark outside. In this case, the visibility should be sufficient not only for a particular pedestrian, as much as possible for all people who move around the park, square, alley or street, and for security, if any.

Besides the street lighting, decorative park lighting can be used, which helps to emphasize the beauty of the area at night, gives it a special charm, mystery and romance. Forged lanterns, peculiar street luminaires, the use of lighting for green spaces, flower beds, fountains, even trees to highlight the details.

The best variant is a combination of street and decorative lighting to make the area as safe, comfortable and pretty as possible. LED lamps, energy-saving LED lamps, smart lighting could be used.

An example of park lighting - the lighting of the residential complex River Stone, Kyiv

At the Stolb specialized store you can find and select the best park lighting:

  • aluminum or galvanized poles;
  • sconces;
  • lamps/luminaires;
  • composite poles or poles with external synthetic coating;
  • brackets, console systems.

Wide range of lighting allows you to successfully design the park area, make it safe and dramatic.










 Selection of architectural lighting

Houses, various buildings are a very important part of any territory. When the ordinary houses of the residents of the community rarely stands out, at night you can only see only the light from the windows and shadows of people, then there are a number of buildings that are highlighted against the background of everything else.

Architectural facade lighting is usually necessary for government agencies, different businesses, serious companies and enterprises who want to promote their brand and enhance their reputation. The facade lighting should look remarkable, emphasizing all the good sides and advantages of the building. Usually, energy-saving LEDs, automatic architectural lighting, stand-alone lamps and light with smart function to make the facade look as interesting as possible.

An example of architectural lighting -  Terminal A, Kiev Airport, Zhulyany. Ukraine. Facade lighting.

In the Stolb online-store you can select the original architectural lighting that will decorate the building and the territory, while meeting all the requirements for energy efficiency. Lighting of the architectural structures improves visibility at night and it is very important for the safety of the building and the adjacent territory.










Landscape lighting is the beauty made of light

At night you can create a inimitable and special atmosphere with the help of light. Light shouldn't be considered only from the technical side. Certainly, the trails and streets where people walk must be clearly visible and safe. But besides them there are lots of details - unique flower beds, bizarre trees, interesting green spaces, fountains and other objects that can attract attention and make passers-by look at this place in a whole new way.

An example of architectural and landscape lighting - the Church of the Savior at Berestove

In the Stolb outdoor lighting store, you can design multi-level landscape lighting making the area not only comfortable but also unique. This look it will have only at night, under the light of LED lamps, forged lanterns, when the luminous flux creates a whole new picture. Landscape lighting complements and sometimes replaces technical lighting, creating a completely new vision of the territory.





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Smart city - maximum comfort

When choosing street lighting, not only the appearance of the lamp, its purpose or the direction of the luminous stream plays an important role. Modern technologies make it possible to make light not only energy efficient and economical but also smart.

An example of smart lighting - the Schreder Shuffle

Innovations make our lives more secure and more comfortable from day to day. Smart City lighting is the use of luminaires equipped with sensors included in the automated regulation system, which can be controlled remotely. Depending on the settings and potentiality of the luminaire itself, the light can on one's own be switched off, on, can minimize the period when no one is present, not responding to animals or providing them with minimal lighting.

Advantages of smart city lighting:

  • the system regulates the light's on / off;
  • adjusts the level of light depending on the weather;
  • increasing the safety of the territory.

The use of smart lighting is a step towards saving, improving productivity and safety. 










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Choosing the street lighting

It is recommended to choose street lighting depending on its purpose:

  • highways;
  • pedestrian crossings;
  • streets;
  • parks, gardens, squares;
  • houses, adjoining territories;
  • alleys, seafronts, squares. 

In the Stolb online-store you can choose any outdoor lighting, having the ability to save in the future. Energy efficient luminaires helps to make the terrain not only safe and beautiful but also comfortable. They save energy, work longer, and perfectly cope with specifications.











In the catalog you can find everything you need for street, park, landscape, architectural lighting, as well as lighting "smart city".

The night becomes comfortable and attractive, with cleverly designed lighting that lets you look at familiar objects differently, see new details and experience all the benefits of darkness. Exterior lighting from the Stolb store will give you a new vision of the night city.