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Set of autonomous lighting Tube ST Solar Elba

Article: TubS/3.5/S100/A80/W15/830/E

Tube ST Solar Elba Autonomous Lighting Kit

Tube ST Solar Elba – is an innovative solution in autonomous street lighting systems, the main feature of which is the vertical placement of a solar PV module on a lighting pole.

The main advantage of our kit over existing systems on the market:

Vertical photovoltaic module

Placing a solar panel vertically provides a number of advantages:

  • independence of solar panel power generation from location, angle of inclination, time of day and season;
  • more aesthetically attractive support;
  • reduction of wind load on the support, and as a result, reduction in the cost of construction, transportation and installation of an autonomous system;
  • reducing the impact of pollution and snow on the generation of the solar module.


The batteries are located in special sealed boxes in the soil. This solution not only makes it impossible to steal the battery, but also simplifies the design of the support, and also creates an aesthetically attractive design that does not have external boxes and anti-vandal systems in the form of devices that restrict access to the top of the support.

Intelligent MPPT controller with LED driver function

The use of an MPPT controller allows you to get the most out of solar panel generation compared to a PWM controller by tracking the maximum power point, which is extremely important for autonomous lighting systems. At the same time, this controller combines the function of a LED lamp driver and allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting in 5 time intervals (dimming).

Contents of delivery:

  • metal lighting pole from 3500 to 5500 mm. Corrosion protection is achieved by powder coating with preliminary cleaning of the structure and application of a zinc-containing primer. Any choice of RAL palette is available for painting the pole without changing the cost. Additionally, to protect the pole flange, thermal zinc spraying is applied to a height of 0.25 m from the pole flange in accordance with EN 40-5:2002;
  • LED module with T3 optics with power from 15 to 50 W;
  • GEL battery or LiFePO4 battery with BMS controller;
  • anchor device for mounting the support;
  • vertical solar panel;
  • an intelligent controller of the MPPT type, which combines the functions of a battery charge and a luminaire driver.

The system is completely autonomous and works without connecting to an external network. During the day, when the sun is shining, the system generates electrical energy and stores it in the battery. At dusk, the controller automatically turns on the light.

Specifications Tube ST Solar Elba

The solar panel

Power: 100W
Panel type: monocrystalline tempered glass 3.2 mm thick coated with solar radiation absorbing coating, panels tested according to IEC 61215 for snow load up to 5400 Pa (approx. 5.4 kN/m2) and IEC 61: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 2859-1.

LED module LED module Power: 15 - 50 W
Working voltage: DC 35V
LED lifetime: >50,000 hours
Degree of protection: IP66
Luminous flux: 1900 - 6500 lm
Operating Temperature: -30℃..+60℃
Controller MPPT 20A - 24V
Degree of protection: IP68
The turn-on time of the lamp is determined by determining the voltage on the solar panel. The MPPT type controller, unlike PWM, allows the most efficient use of all the power of the solar panel (through tracking the maximum power generated by the solar panel).
Battery LiFePO4, 36AH 24V with thermal protection and controller BMS or GEL 12V 80AH. Suitable for operation at temperatures -25℃..+60℃.
Support and bracket

Altitude: 3500 - 5500 m.
Powder coating, zinc primer. The choice is available, any choice of the RAL palette for painting the pole without changing the cost. Additionally, to protect the pole flange, thermal zinc spraying is applied to a height of 0.25 m from the pole flange in accordance with EN 40-5:2002.

Anchor device ZST-80
Operating time 8-16 hours per day (at full power of the LED module), the battery capacity is calculated up to 3 full cloudy, rainy and windy days.
Installation Recommendations This kit is suitable for areas with an average annual peak solar power of 4~3.5 hours per day (for power 15-20W).
Producer country of support Ukraine
Additional functions

Possibility of painting the support with powder paint in accordance with the RAL palette.

Possibility of supplying Bluetooth interface together with software for programming and remote control of the luminaire.

System configuration can be changed depending on customer or project requirements.

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Title Set of autonomous lighting Tube ST Solar Elba