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Aluminium columns for traffic signal lights

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Aluminum supports for road signs

Metal construction, which is designed to attach the road sign - an important part of the road arrangement for safe movement. Aluminum supports are the most popular type of structures that can have a long service life, even in the harsh conditions of the domestic climate. The need for strong holders of road and other street signs is also due to the high level of wear near the road with active traffic. Passing cars create a strong vibration, which not only contributes to the fatigue of the metal, but also able to shake the mount. Therefore, it is important to buy reliable and strong aluminum supports for road signs and forget about the problems with the arrangement of both roads in cities and highways with road signs.

Reliability and durability

Execution of support columns for road and other street signs from aluminum gives the following advantages:

  • Plasticity. Aluminum supports designed to support road and other street signs in the event of an accident or other impact can easily and quickly return to its original shape. Elasticity and susceptibility to deformation also saves them from cracking and destruction.
  • Strength. Aluminum supports are subjected to a heavy load in the form of huge sheets of steel, which depict road or other street signs, so there are high requirements for the strength and stability of these structures. In addition, aluminum, in contrast to cast iron supports, reliably retain their structure even when they crash into cars at high speed. So they do not form cracks and, as a consequence, further destruction.
  • Corrosion resistance. The temperate climate with a change in temperature from -30 to +30 and places with high rainfall creates conditions in which the use of resistant to cold and high humidity aluminum and other metal supports is required. The strong, but plastic structure of a design maintains the big range of temperatures, thus use in a covering of hot galvanizing provides metal with corrosion resistance.
  • Easy installation. Aluminum supports are easy to transport due to their relatively light weight and, in some cases, prefabricated construction. For example, T -, G - or P - like have special fasteners, so they are not difficult to install in place.
  • Electrical safety. Some aluminum poles can be used not only for road information, but also for billboards with illuminated advertisements or traffic lights. Therefore, they are reliably protected from moisture and well insulate conductive channels from damage from the outside.

To buy aluminum columns as a support for support of road, street signs and billboards is a reliable investment in the arrangement of pedestrian zones and highways.

Aluminum supports for road and other street signs are available and reliable

Online store "Stolb" offers wear-resistant aluminum and other supports for the installation of road and other signs, billboards, lighting fixtures and traffic lights at a democratic price. City lighting and information blocks for safe movement are needed to create a reliable infrastructure and a comfortable space for people. Buying strong aluminum and other poles that will form the basis of the structure for street lighting or information street blocks, you can be sure of their long service life and quality protection of power supply. "Stolb" is a reliable support for high-quality equipment of streets.