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Light masts

Lighting mast - comfort and safety on the streets

Street lighting is one of the important parameters of comfortable life in the settlement. Lighting masts are important for safe movement in the dark. Thanks to the quality of street lighting, it is possible not only to avoid accidents on the roads, but also to reduce crime - so say the statistics. To buy masts of lighting it is necessary for the equipment of any carriageway or pedestrian part. These include not only our usual street lights, but also advertising lighting and floodlights, which are used to illuminate architectural objects and others.

Features of the equipment

Aesthetically floodlights and their light harmoniously complement the beautiful night view of the streets. Lighting masts can be used both in the city pedestrian zone and to illuminate stadiums, airfields and even private areas. The location of such installations is regulated by the Law of Ukraine, as well as various instructions and requirements for their parameters. Lighting masts are installed taking into account the following factors:

  • Number of floodlights. Each area that requires lighting has not only an area, but also its relief and the presence of objects of different sizes. These factors affect not only the brightness and angle of the lighting element, but also, of course, the number of required floodlights. The standard street lighting mast has two of them, located on both sides of the pillar. There are also single types and those that can accommodate more than two units simultaneously.
  • Height. When lighting areas, embankments, other pedestrian areas and highways, different types of lighting masts are used. This also applies to their height: to create a comfortable level of lighting for a person, models are needed lower than those needed to create road safety.
  • Angle of inclination of searchlight installations. Rotation in the horizontal plane and inclination in the vertical are two parameters that are important for creating high-quality lighting of pedestrian areas and roads. Lighting masts create only a support for the placement of floodlights, but the quality of light depends on the correct angle of their placement.

Steel masts for lighting fixtures are usually conical round in shape and have a height of 15 to 22 meters. Modern models can be made not only of metal; there are similar carbon fiber models, as well as fiberglass and plastic. Pipes for city lighting masts are easy to assemble and disassemble, so they are installed quickly and without unnecessary labor costs.

The thickness of the metal, height, shape and equipment of the city lighting mast depend on the requirements of the area. Such installations are often mounted in the conditions of active traffic near highways or in the environment with the increased humidity. The online store presents lighting masts that are resistant to the following environmental factors at a democratic price:

  • High level of vibration. Location near an industrial plant or near a highway threatens with strong wear of the metal, as it is subject to constant vibration from the ground. Masts must have some protection from such conditions, as it is possible to fail not only the column itself, but also lighting systems. Production from strong material and reliable installation provide long service life of installation under any conditions.
  • Humidity, precipitation. The electrical system located inside the lighting pole, as well as the spotlights on the outside have reliable protection against rain and snow, as well as from moisture coming from the ground.
  • Bumps, road accidents. If city lighting masts are located in pedestrian areas, on promenades and squares, they can be made of thin metal and have any shape. But poles that provide lighting on night roads and highways are at greater risk of being hit by a car at high speed. High-quality material for the lighting mast must be easily deformed so that it does not crumble and be able to return to its former shape after the accident. There are also lighting road masts, which are created so strong that they are not subject to deformation and destruction even with strong impacts.
  • Lightning. Most lighting masts are equipped with a lightning rod to protect lighting installations from electric shocks.

Multifaceted galvanized masts - lighting of the European level

Multifaceted galvanized lighting masts are in high demand both in Ukraine and abroad. It is a reliable and durable construction from the faceted galvanized steel which has one longitudinal weld. In the top part of a design by means of special arms searchlights are mounted.

Today, multifaceted galvanized masts are widely used for the reconstruction of road, street and park city lighting, as well as - in the production and on the premises of private houses, boarding houses, sanatoriums. To buy multifaceted galvanized masts will become the successful decision for the arrangement of sports and playgrounds, gas stations and repair stations, industrial platforms. Many-sided galvanized constructions for the arrangement of ski bases, river and railway stations, industrial enterprises and large shopping centers, municipal establishments are in well-deserved demand.

Benefits of versatile lighting masts:

Modern multi-faceted masts are a good alternative to traditional heavyweight reinforced concrete structures, which were previously used in the field of street lighting. Galvanized columns are more durable, reliable and have a number of additional advantages:

  • long service life;
  • resistance to loads;
  • anticorrosive properties;
  • uniform illumination;
  • a wide range of supports;
  • affordable price.

The materials for the manufacture of multifaceted galvanized masts are steel profile sheets having a polygon configuration with the center at the top. The number of sections is determined by the height of the mast. Installation of a design is carried out on the base with use of special anchors.

Multifaceted lighting masts are hot-dip galvanized, which gives the products resistance to corrosion and oxidation. At the finishing stage it is possible to paint in RAL shades. Thanks to modern production technology, the service life of multifaceted galvanized masts is 25-30 years. They perfectly tolerate temperature changes, have wind resistance and resistance to dynamic and cyclic loads. At the request of the customer lighting masts are completed with a lightning rod and the handle for lamps.

In comparison with reinforced concrete analogues steel galvanized columns differ in smaller weight that considerably simplifies their installation / dismantling and transportation.

Masts from TM "Rosa" - the optimal decision

The online catalog of our online store presents several dozen types of multifaceted galvanized masts for outdoor lighting. Depending on specific requirements it is possible to pick up quickly and profitably to buy a galvanized mast with various technical parameters.

Production delivery is carried out across all Ukraine - Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipro, Odessa and any city on the map of the country with services "Nova Poshta", "Delivery" or "SAT".

The main position of Rosa is cooperation with proven and reliable manufacturers, which guarantees the reference quality of each product and its compliance with all necessary requirements. All products are certified and have a long warranty.

To buy a multifaceted galvanized mast is not only to find an optimum ratio of the price and quality, but also to take care of high aesthetics of a product. The appearance of lighting structures plays an important role in shaping the overall image of the settlement. And after all beauty of streets, roads, parks forms successful image of the city or the separate enterprise.

Lighting masts from TM Rosa - reliable, profitable, beautiful!