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Beautiful and reliable street lighting

Street lighting helps to transform a backyard or a country house. It is enough to install just a couple of outdoor lights to make the garden, flower bed or facade of the house look much more aesthetically pleasing. First of all, it is necessary to understand the main varieties and their functionality and only then decide which street lighting to buy.

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Choosing street lighting recommendations

Choosing street lighting devices, you need to take into account some recommendations:

If the street lighting is close to pedestrian areas, paths and trails, they need to give a soft diffused light. It is possible to provide by means of plafonds of the correct configuration which scatter a light stream.

Exterior wall lighting, which is well illuminates building numbers and information boards, are floodlights that provide unidirectional light flux.

Another type of facade lighting is architectural. It is used in decoration purposes to illuminate fountains, sculptures and garden houses. For architectural lighting you can buy street lighting such as "lantern" or "projector".

Before buying street illuminator, pay attention to the degree of light output, service life, power and comfort in operation.

Before installing the lamp in outdoor lighting, it is necessary to determine the climatic conditions, the requirements of the devices to the lamps power and the installation features.

Types of street lamps

Depending on superficies, street lamps are divided into a number of categories.

Lanterns - street lighting on the pole, which can often be seen near roads, as well as in parks and gardens. They have low power (about 150 watts) and small size.

Projectors are illuminators that give a directed light flux and have high power. They are usually used to illuminate certain objects, parts of the facade or areas in the yard. Large projectors can be purchased for use in stadiums, businesses, car parks, etc.

Suspended lightening is attached to a transverse beam, wall bracket or curved support. Suspended outdoor lamps are used for local lighting and can be made in a variety of styles from any era and culture.

Wall lightening is mounted on the building facade. Wall street lighting can have a narrowly directed light flux for functional illumination of the desired area, and can be used for decorative light.

Ground lightening is mounted directly into the ground by fixing with special probes. It is used for decorative illumination of various objects, such as road signs and marking the boundaries of a flat surface.

Build-in lightening is the type of street LED lighting that is fixed on curbs, walls or pavement, performing a decorative function or pointing to road markings.

Street LED lighting is represented by numerous options, including cantilever lamps equipped with L-shaped brackets, LED street lighting in the form of a transparent plastic tube (duralight), flexible and waterproof LED cord (duraflex), as well as LED grilles for large decorative .

Street LED lighting

One of the most popular and modern types of lamps for the street is LED street lighting. These devices can have different types of bases and have high-quality color reproduction and high contrast.

LED street lamps have a long service life, excellent resistance to physical impact, economical energy consumption and a wide range of applications. The power of such lighting fixtures is about 30 watts, and operating time - up to 100 thousand hours.

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