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Lighting for parks

Lighting kits: aesthetic design of the park area

Lighting fixtures are firmly entrenched in our lives and now, no matter what time of day we go outside, we are sure that there will be light. Street lighting is primarily aimed at ensuring our safety, but in addition, it emphasizes the beauty of the night city, its landscaping and architecture. At night, the city always looks more beautiful, just go to the park or walk in the park to feel the beauty of the radiant evening landscape. It is the lighting sets that allow us to enjoy the design of recreation areas at any time of the day.

Lighting kits: advantages and design features

The lighting set is a set that is completely ready for installation. It consists of a lamp, support and anchor unit. Such lighting elements themselves are decorative, so their purpose is to illuminate and beautify our lives.

The advantages of lighting kits include the following:

  • long period of operation;
  • light weight of a design;
  • security and reliability;
  • such supports and lighting elements are more resistant to the effects of atmospheric phenomena;
  • have an aesthetic and attractive appearance;
  • a wide range of goods allows you to buy the most suitable light source.

It's not a secret that decorative lighting makes the park area aesthetically appealing. Modern supports look much better than their previous wooden pillars. There are no more hanging wires, because the power supply is supplied to the supports exclusively underground. For this purpose, a special foundation is used - an anchor unit, which is attached to the support with a lamp.

The design of the anchor foundation is a set of bonded anchor rods. The height of the foundation, diameter and number of rods are calculated depending on the parameters of the soil where the installation of the anchor support, purpose and type of the support itself. At the same time we must not forget about the wind load on the aboveground part, because weather conditions, such as gusts of wind, will contribute to its destruction.

On average, a lighting set can last about 20 years, while throughout the period it will retain its refined appearance. Don't skimp on the beautiful. After all, such sets allow you to create a beautiful design not only in public places, but also in your own park area near a country house or cottage.

Where better to buy lighting kits

Park lights and other types of lighting kits perform several important functions:

  • provide comfortable conditions for walks in the evening;
  • increase the safety of citizens in the dark;
  • contribute to the reduction of criminal activity;
  • create a landscape ensemble, because the lighting itself makes the evening parks especially beautiful and romantic.

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