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Poles for solar panels

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Poles for solar panels: what the price depends on and why will be profitable to install autonomous street lighting systems

Solar street lighting is the latest method of outdoor lighting, where the lights on solar poles work independently of the general power supply system. Such lamps generate energy from sunlight or windmill.

Without street lighting it is impossible to imagine any settlement. Street lights are equally needed in the city, where a system of power lines entangles every building like a web, and in remote villages and the nearest connection center may be in a few kilometers.

Dirt roads, granaries, parking lots of agricultural machinery - all this must be illuminated. That is why the installation of poles for solar panels and autonomous street lighting systems is the only reasonable way out for remote places. And for the city, an autonomous lighting system will not be superfluous either. After all, not depending on the overall system is both a saving and a certain level of security. After all, no one canceled any sudden outages or accidents.

So, what should you pay attention to before buying solar panel poles, what is their price and for how long is the operation of solar street lighting systems? See all answers below.

Work of street autonomous lanterns on solar panels

The power of an outdoor lamp for the street with an autonomous power supply system from solar panels varies in the range from 20 to 56 watts. That is, these are really powerful street lights. They can easily compete in brightness with mains-operated luminaires.

Autonomous street lamp can be divided into the following components:

  • LED lantern;
  • charge controller;
  • battery;
  • solar panel.

In some lamps designs for autonomous street lighting, in addition to solar panels, a windmill is also installed. A windmill can generate electricity when, either in cloudy weather or in short daylight, the battery does not have time to store enough energy.

So how do street stand-alone solar panels work? During daylight hours, the solar cell generates electricity that accumulates in the battery. When the sun sets over the horizon, the LED light turns on automatically.

Modern solar street lamps can change the power intensity of the lamp at your request. That is, in winter, when the time to recharge is getting shorter, thanks to the controller, you can reduce the percentage of energy consumption at night. Moreover, you can "break" the operating time of the lamp for the street. For example, after sunset, it turns on, lights the street for 4-6 hours and turns off. The next switch-on is an hour or two before dawn. In this way, you can get ultra-high quality street lighting and not depend on a centralized supplier at all.

What determines the price of autonomous street lights

The price of autonomous street lights depends on the capacity of the battery, the size of the panel, the design of the pole and its length. Therefore, the specific price at which you can buy a stand-alone system with a pole for solar panels is difficult to name. But it is safe to say that the time for which this system will pay off - no more than 3 years. And considering that the period of operation of such street lamps on solar panels is from 15 to 25 and even more years… It is safe to say that buying a street lighting system on solar panels would be a very smart decision.

To clarify the cost of the selected option, see the catalog in our online store.

Why install stand-alone street lights - it's profitable

As already mentioned, the payback period of the system is about 3 years. And the minimum service life without any intervention (replacement of lamps, batteries, etc.) is from 15 years. As we can see, this is actually a profitable contribution to our own energy security in the future.

But we are not just talking about our own masters! Should such lamps be installed near an industrial complex or on a highway? Imagine how amazing the results will be in the end.

Seamless installation in places where the nearest centralized power supply center is a few kilometers away.

There is the ability to install full-fledged street lighting without an infinite number of "consents" from the authorities.

The operation of street lamps on solar panels is regulated by the intensity and time of activity.

In fact, free lighting of the surrounding area from 4 years of operation.

Thus, street lighting systems on solar panels are the choice of a modern person who is accustomed to counting their money and being independent of external circumstances. See the catalog, call and order now.

Comfort, quality and safety. Solar panels on your street - we create a quality future today.

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