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Poles for pedestrian crossings

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Pedestrian crossing lighting: an opportunity to prevent accidents

In most cities of our country, local authorities are quite careless about the problem of road lighting. That is why the level of development of this area is not good enough. With the onset of the dark season, the probability of accidents increases, and there is a real threat to the lives of pedestrians. This problem is especially acute in large cities, where the intensity of traffic is much higher. Proper lighting of pedestrian crossings is simply necessary both in the metropolis and in a small urban-type settlement. It can save someone's life or keep them healthy. Why neglect such an opportunity?

In our article we will tell, in what cases street lamps are simply necessary, how to pick up columns and support for installation of the corresponding devices and what variant of lighting nowadays is the most optimum.

Street lighting of pedestrian crossings: the main reasons for its installation

Sometimes there are lights at pedestrian crossings that illuminate designated sections of the road in the dark. However, very often such street lighting of pedestrian crossings is simply not enough. In the autumn-winter season, when visibility is quite limited, they become almost useless "silent giants" who meet and escort cars on both sides of the road. Also, their work schedule does not always coincide with the real need to illuminate pedestrian crossings. But the way out is to install additional equipment in the right places.

In some cases, the installation of additional street lights is simply necessary. It occurs in the following situations:

  • complete lack of lighting of pedestrian crossings;
  • low level of contrast of the terrain;
  • insufficient light reproduction;
  • incorrect operation of street lighting devices.

The first problem is relevant mainly for small settlements. In large cities, pedestrian crossing lighting is usually already in place. By the way, the second and third nuance with street lamps on poles is more typical for them - large settlements, where it is not always possible to follow every lane.

There are other nuances. For example, when the location of pedestrian lighting sources is incorrect, glare occurs that blind drivers. The place where pedestrians pass should have a light level several times higher than the rest of the road. But, unfortunately, this rule is often violated.

LED lighting of pedestrian crossings

LED street lighting sources are becoming more popular every year. Some cities have completely switched to this type of lighting. This is not surprising, because the use of this type of lamps and lanterns to illuminate pedestrian crossings has many advantages, including:

  • increasing the visibility of the pedestrian crossing;
  • no color distortion;
  • obtaining lighting of the pedestrian crossing, which is almost identical to daylight;
  • qualitative contrast;
  • economy;
  • durability.

Another reason to buy LED street lights is the fact that they do not require constant maintenance. An installed light source lasts an average of 50,000 hours. Such devices well transfer low temperatures, precipitations and are rather steady against mechanical damages.

Street LED luminaires are programmed in such a way that they start functioning not at a certain time, but as soon as the level of visibility falls to a critical level. This is very convenient in the autumn-winter period, when dusk comes much earlier.

It is also worth noting that such street lighting of transitions has several options for additional equipment. Among its most worthy variations are:

  • solar panels (self-charging devices from solar energy);
  • automated switching on and off (relevant for small crossings with a low level of pedestrian movement, it starts working at full power only after there is traffic in the line of sight);
  • special LED signs (increase the visibility of the transition at a significant distance).

LED pedestrian crossing lighting is suitable for ground and underground systems.

Choice of support for installation of light sources at transitions

In order for the lighting device you have chosen to function correctly, it is necessary to choose the right resistance for it. Each column has its own system of harmonic oscillations, and to minimize its impact on the functioning of the support and the lighting itself, you need to have a certain set of knowledge. Specialists of will always help you to create optimal lighting of pedestrian crossings. On the pages of this online store you can also buy system data at very affordable prices.

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