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Online store of street lightning Stolb

Each settlement, no matter whether it is a town or a metropolis, always lives a double life. During all day it creates one impression, but after sunset its appearance changes cardinally. Many lights adorn and make nightlife comfortable anywhere, filling it with the magic of light.


City Street Lighting 

Streets, avenues, boulevards, parks create a special picture, a unique ensemble, with the help of right lighting. However, the aesthetic component is although important but it is not the only one in this matter. Street lighting on columns or on the other constructions allows solving a number of the following tasks:

• Pedestrian safety. It applies not only to sidewalks or squares, but also to parks, alleys and small streets;

• Road safety. The driver should be in a total aware of the situation on the road, noticing obstacles and potentially dangerous objects;

• Public security. Robbers or hooligans almost don’t attack on lighted streets and alleys.

We offer you everything you need to solve these issues:

• Different types of support;

• Lamps and headboards;

• Lighting masts.

Moreover, wide range and quality of the street lighting on the columns is not the only thing that can please but the price also remains one of the most comfortable due to the quality. You can be sure that you will receive high-quality certified equipment from us that will help you to give the city or a small village its special, night atmosphere. Furthermore, we have other capabilities in this sphere.


Country house street lighting

Outside the city, the lighting rules change a bit. Now you have the opportunity to focus on artistic decoration more, but do not forget about practicality. To have a good lighting and creating a stylish home you will need the following stuffs:

• Park columns;

• Street sconces;

• Park poles and lamps.

You will be able to achieve the desired "sounding" of your country house or cottage after sunset with the help of these goods.


How to buy street lighting in the "STOLB"?

We’ve taken care that the mechanism of product selection and ordering was simple and clear. For your comfort we have organized the goods division into groups with a convenient search for the manufacturer, characteristics and price. Furthermore, it is possible to choose the method of payment: by card, cash, postpaid and non-cash payment. Moreover, we suggest delivery in Kiev by courier, independent removal. We can also send orders across Ukraine by Nova Poshta, Sat, InTime. Nevertheless, professional staff is always ready to provide practical and advisory assistance.

We tried to do everything to offer you the best street lighting: price, service, range and quality confirm this.


Why are so many people trying to buy LED street lighting?

Recently, lamps based on LED lamps have become very popular and are gradually displacing other types from the market. And there are a number of good reasons for this:

• Economy. The main advantage of LED street lighting is the price. But even after the purchase, you will also feel the savings, because such lamps are considered the most energy efficient;

• Easy to maintain and operate. They are unpretentious not only to service, but also to work conditions;

• Create interesting design. The ability to select the lamp by shape, brightness, direction of light and even shade allows you to implement any creative idea.

We know that you need to buy LED Street lighting of proper quality, so we are careful about the choice of suppliers; we always check the certificates and the product itself. You can be sure of the quality of the purchase and that you do not overpay for it.

Whatever you need: LED Street lighting on columns, park poles, headrests, consoles, accessories, lamps - you will find it in our store.