There is a place where speed smells, a place for acceleration and a smithy where the hottest cars are born, an area where power is a way of life. This is z__motorsport, a territory of beautiful, powerful and high-quality cars. Their work must be seen, and this requires light - good, bright, reliable.

Our team was instructed to do it on the territory of this drift zone. It is worth noting that we were completely like-minded with our customers: we love what we do and we do what we love.

The tasks were large-scale:

  • Provide lightning protection at the appropriate level. At the same time if possible not to create some points of reception of a charge;
  • Design and install a lighting system in the drift zone and inside the hangar. Here it was important to strengthen the overall design of the room through lighting;
  • Take into account the specifics of the object in the work, and meet the short deadlines.

It was a kind of challenge - the very atmosphere on the field already creates a sense of race, drive, and we really wanted to convey it.

First of all, we thought about safety - we installed lightning protection. We decided to choose the active option.

It had its advantages:

  • Better reliability;
  • One point of active protection allows covering the territory 4 times more than the passive option;
  • Not many taps are needed to discharge the charge to the ground.

We coped with this task. There were no special problems with external lighting - it turned out to be enough to place powerful industrial luminaires along the perimeter according to the standard scheme. Even at night you can arrange test drives and check the work of mechanics in practice.

The most interesting part and the most significant is the lighting inside the hangar. There are periods when the repair work in the garage does not stop around the clock, especially before important competitions. In addition, it is part of the team's image, and it was very important to convey this in the lighting.

When creating an electric lighting project, we used clear lines - it corresponded to the nature of the room, its interior.

Ledvance luminaires were used - they turned out to be the optimal solution according to four criteria:

  • Give excellent light performance;
  • Suitable for rooms with very high ceilings;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Made in a stylish, concise design that is ideal for the customer's premises.

It was decided to mount the light on suspended frames. This allowed you to lower the points of light to the desired height and further maintain the style. This method of mounting is very functional not only in terms of lighting, but also further maintenance - to get to the frames is much easier, there is no need to climb under the ceiling.

The result is a very interesting, sustained in the spirit of modern automotive aesthetics light pattern. In combination with polished bodies and polished glass, it turns into an almost perceptible space filled with light, the smell of gasoline and fresh interiors.

It was necessary to dilute the wiring as carefully as possible so as not to create additional obstacles and clutter. Everything was neatly cleaned, but it will be easy to carry out scheduled maintenance or repairs and you will not have to stop the work of the whole team.

This cooperation was special for us. Usually we carry a charge of energy, but now we charge ourselves from the guys who work on z__motorsport. This is a great team, which, like us, likes to come to the finish line first, to finish projects brightly and spectacularly.