Creating a project of a house, apartment, office, designer shows only the visible. But the room can be compared to an iceberg, where we can see only part of the colossal volume, such with lighting. We turn on the light and see the lights. But their work is provided by an accurate, well-coordinated system consisting of many components, built on complex calculations. This is all shown by the electric lighting project.

Part of the required documentation

Since lighting is a part of the general electrical circuit of the building, it should also be included in the package of design documents. They are drawn up in accordance with the current requirements for documentation, contain all the necessary information.

We understand that the absence of such documents, their incorrect preparation - a serious administrative violation by the developer or owner of the building, the head of the enterprise. We will not just prepare such a project, but also design it correctly. You do not have to be afraid of fines or other sanctions from the energy authorities.

What is included in the project documents?

Electrical lighting project is a package of documents, which must be:

  • Explanatory note with a general description of the object and the tasks set before the lighting system;
  • Detailed technical conditions. This includes a description of the type of electrical circuit, the size of the building and the area (for street lighting), the requirements for illumination of surfaces, etc.;
  • Lighting calculations. They allow you to accurately comply with all requirements prescribed by state regulations;
  • Schematic diagram of the power supply circuit of future lighting. It is based on the location of fulcrums and installation of lighting, taking into account the rules of electrical safety;
  • Cable log, complete specification of all used equipment and materials.

Advantages of designing by our company

Such a project is an indispensable instruction for the installation team. We do not ignore any details, because in the matter of quality lighting there can be no trifles, there is no room for inaccuracies.

Thanks to our project you:

  • You will not be afraid of inspections of fire safety and energy supervision;
  • You will receive the exact and complete list of all necessary materials which are guaranteed to be enough for installation of lighting system on object;
  • Your lighting will be energy efficient, well thought out, which will bring additional savings.

Our company has dozens of designed and implemented lighting systems. At your service not only deep knowledge and high professionalism, but also extensive experience in solving typical and non-standard design tasks. We not only prepare a package of documents, but also accompany you at every stage of creation of modern lighting system of any complexity on all objects.