Expectations and reality - how often these concepts do not coincide! When in words everything seems so bright and colorful, in fact it can be quite ordinary, boring and even low quality. But we love pleasant surprises, so we want to see what has not yet been created. Visualization of interior lighting is an opportunity to look into future and change it.

Visualization of interior lighting

Who needs it?

Designers and owners of the premises will not do without preliminary visualization. It is not enough just to make calculations - they help to determine the location and capacity. But if aesthetics, consideration of tastes and preferences are important, modeling is required.

  • For office and educational premises. This is not only a study and work space, but also part of the image of the company, university, school. In addition to compliance with sanitary norms and labor protection requirements, I want to continue the corporate style in every detail. This creates a spirit of unity, inseparability of ideas, and a special culture. As a result, employees, students are proud of their place, and customers, partners and investors see the company as a coherent, reliable mechanism;
  • For public places, administrative departments. The issue is the comfort of visitors and the image of the state that cares about citizens. Utilities have become increasingly focused not only on functionality but also on the aesthetics of all facilities. Visualization of future lighting in this case is necessary;
  • For places of recreation and entertainment, waiting areas for beauty salons, hospitals, spas, etc. There are no strict rules and requirements, except for limited areas where staff are located. Attractiveness and atmosphere come to the fore. Sometimes you have to consider several concepts to choose the perfect one;
  • For housing. Here we bring together in single symphony functionality, style, variability. Home lighting should be easily adjusted to the mood and needs, be clear and easy to use. But the second mission of lighting in the house - to create a single image with a common design, complementing his idea.

We know how important lighting is, so we treat modeling as architects - architects of light.

How do we work?

It all starts with the interior model. We recommend working with three-dimensional projects. This allows you to present the new picture as accurately as possible, as if you are looking into the future through the prism of our visualizations.

  • We collect information about the premises and lighting. We can design light for you in any building;
  • On the basis of the collected information we build a model with the help of modern software. The type of luminaires, their power and the nature of the location are taken into account;
  • You get several projections and a three-dimensional image of the future room. With the help of a special editor, you can look at it from different angles, try to adjust the lighting, look around.

This method is not only interesting but also effective. It allows you to see the lighting areas that you would like to change before the work, take another lamp, and change the style a bit. And such edits will not cost anything, and will spend a minimum of time.

We offer you a rational step that not only benefits, but also makes any room perfect, presents it in the right light in all senses.