When the work is done by professionals, the customer should not worry about the timing or quality. For us, these are not empty chats. We understand that the quality of installation of lighting equipment depends on its preservation, compliance with safety requirements, accurate project implementation and economical use of materials.

Installation of lighting equipment

We offer you installation and dismantling of lighting, its replacement on objects of various types and level of complexity.

We have everything you need

In our work, we have eliminated the main factor in reducing quality - the involvement of subcontractors. It was easy to achieve this:

  • All our employees are constantly trained, improve their professionalism. This allows you to fill the staff with high-level specialists of various profiles;
  • We are expanding our material and technical base. Own equipment is an opportunity for us to fully plan the work and perform it strictly in the specified time;
  • Every member of our team wants to be the best in their field. Without this, we would not be able to implement projects better than other teams and companies.

We will cope with any task

We will perform assembly or disassembly, as well as replacement at any facility:

  • Street lighting of urban infrastructure. We implement your project for the park, road, pedestrian crossings, stadiums and other outdoor facilities. We know how important it is to get the right lighting parameters, including the angle of incidence of light;
  • Architectural lighting. Exactly we will transfer the modeled drawing by means of lighting engineering;
  • Interior lighting. We propose installation or replacement with strict observance of the norms specified in the project, accurate work at replacement of lighting system. We do everything as carefully as possible, without damaging the surface, if you want to keep cosmetic repairs in the room;
  • Street lighting of private property. Country house, garden, cottage also need beautiful lighting, its timely renovation. We will help you make your site even more beautiful.

We try to work as carefully as possible, especially when it comes to replacement, spot mounting of additional lighting points.

Accuracy, professionalism, accuracy and punctuality are the qualities that have made us the best in our field. This is confirmed by each new project.