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Concrete footings for lighting poles

Foundation blocks for the reliability of lighting poles

What is needed to ensure that the lighting poles stand securely, do not sway and do not endanger the health and lives of people passing by, so that there is no possibility of destruction of buildings nearby during adverse weather conditions? Of course, the correct installation of columns is necessary! Modern foundation blocks will help you with this. We will talk further about what they and where it is most profitable to buy them.

A few words about the foundation blocks

Previously, in order to install lighting poles, it was necessary to dig a large deep pit at the installation site, then fill it with concrete mass and wait for complete fixation of the support. Experts have noticed that such a process is not only difficult and time consuming, but also not always reliable. New technologies came to the rescue. Thus, the first concrete foundation blocks for lighting poles appeared. Their installation is simple and fast. Foundation blocks are simply dug into the ground and fixed with a small amount of concrete. Some types of blocks require special equipment, while others have enough and the usual tools that are in the arsenal of a homemaker. The installation itself takes place in the shortest possible time, is virtually silent and does not require large labor costs.

Foundation blocks for lighting poles (FBS) are a special metal structure. It consists of a pipe of a given cross section, to which the flanges are welded. Such units are not operated independently, only in connection with lighting poles.

Features of the choice of foundation blocks

In order for the foundation block (FBS) to reliably retain resistance both in heat and in cold, it is necessary to choose a model with the correct characteristics. Load-bearing capacity, dimensions and type of unit are determined by specialists based on the following factors:

  • soil type;
  • depth of soil freezing and groundwater;
  • purpose of support;
  • wind category of the area;
  • type of lighting installation and laying of a power cable;
  • the distance between the supports;
  • type of lighting control system;
  • length of cable electrical systems, etc.

Choosing them it is necessary to pay attention not so much to the price of concrete blocks for support of lighting, how many to their anticorrosive features. The durability of FBS will depend on this parameter, class of concrete and bolted endings. There are also blocks that can be covered with bituminous mastic, powder paint or hot-dip galvanized for additional corrosion protection.

Another thing that you must pay attention buying foundation blocks is the brand. You need to trust only those brands that are well established in the market. We advise you to buy concrete blocks for lighting poles from Rosa. They not only have a reliable design, long service life, but also are created taking into account all regulatory documents (GOST). The cost of Rosa foundation blocks is quite acceptable.

Please note: the installation of concrete slabs and lighting poles should be done only by specialists. This may lead to additional costs, but they will more than pay for the reliability of the design of lighting poles and their long-term flawless operation. Only they will be able to correctly assess the possibility of installing supports in a particular place, determine the safety of operation, as well as advise the most suitable concrete blocks for them and do everything necessary in accordance with building codes and regulations.

If you are looking for people who could install street lighting, contact us. The Stolb online store employs specialists with extensive experience in this field. They will install the foundation blocks (FBS) and lighting poles in the shortest possible time. Thus services of our experts will manage to you absolutely inexpensively.

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