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Extension arm and bracket configuration

A park lamp is mounted on the park pole for night lighting of the streets. The upper part of the structure is called the headboard. However, this detail is distinguished not only by the technical characteristics of operation and service life.

Modern headlights and console systems (park lighting) have a great variety of designs. One of these details can create a visual image of the whole space. The park route or the road of the boulevard acquires an individual style, differs in originality. The same method is used for the design of residential complexes.

The exterior design of the streets directly affects the impression of them and the value of real estate in the area. This is a budget and efficient method of improvement: relatively low cost of stylish design entails significant benefits for owners of new LCDs. Reasonable light distribution saves electricity.

Visual diversity is created not only by the body of the system, but also by additional accessories. They can have any configuration and a wide palette of light. Different scattering methods create different effects. These are reflective elements that are beautifully visible in the fog, as visible lines of directed light. Light-scattering materials, such as semi-frosted glass, create a new impression of soft "moonlight".