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Street sconces - provide light to your area

Street sconces are an easy way to decorate and transform a country house. It is enough to install several street lamps to make the yard look much more attractive. But the choice should be based not only on the visual component - the functionality of street sconces should also be well thought out.

The online store offers a wide range of sconces for street lighting. You can buy your favorite model that will improve the territory of your home and garden.

Street sconces: functionality

Street sconces are used not only to create the necessary lighting in a country or private house. Suspended lights here can also be part of the security system.

You can place street sconces:

  • at the front door;
  • near the black entrance;
  • next to the ladder;
  • at the gates and wicket;
  • on the porch or veranda;
  • at the entrances to the barn, garage and other garden buildings;
  • near the sign with the house number.

To save electricity, wall street sconces can be equipped with motion sensors - so you can reduce energy costs and provide lighting in the yard just when it is really needed.

Street sconces: benefits

Street sconces are the simplest and most effective way to solve the problem of lighting in a country house. Installing a sconce for street lighting has a number of advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • no need to mount a support to support the lamp - the products are mounted directly on the wall;
  • lighting of a large area;
  • a wide range of materials and design solutions;
  • possibility of installation of the motion sensor;
  • universal fastenings;
  • long service life and ergonomics;
  • reliable protection against external influences;
  • resistance to mechanical damage.

The last pair of items for lighting fixtures is especially important, as they often fail due to high humidity, temperature changes and lack of protection.

Recommendations for choosing street sconces

When choosing a sconce for street lighting, you need to pay attention to a number of key characteristics:

  • Degree of protection against dust and moisture. This indicator is classified according to the IP standard. The first number indicates the protection of the housing from dust, the second - from rain and other precipitation. The higher the numbers, the higher the security level of the case. Lighting that is located in open areas must have a protection class not lower than IP44. Street sconces that are mounted under the canopy may have a protection class of IP20.
  • Material. The stronger and better the material, the longer the service life of the product. The most popular are lamps made of stainless steel - due to high reliability and durability, they will last 10 years or more. Also common are polymeric materials and silumin, which is a mixture of silicon and aluminum and is not prone to corrosion.
  • Light bulbs. The most economical bulbs for street sconces are LED models. They require 8 times less electricity than incandescent lamps, and their service life is more than 5 years. Also, such lamps are advantageous to use in the winter - they do not heat up, so do not crack due to temperature differences.

If you need to organize street lighting as profitably and practically, you can buy street sconces on solar panels - they can work without consuming electricity.

Installation of street sconces

In addition to the main criteria for choosing a sconce for street lighting, there are also certain nuances associated with the installation of lighting fixtures:

  • Features of installation. You should take into account all the design features of the wiring, protection against voltage drops, etc. to avoid problems with the street sconce.
  • Location. It is necessary to be defined with it, proceeding from needs of this or that personal plot. The light source should be near the area it should illuminate.
  • Height. The degree of illumination of the surrounding area depends on the height at which you place the sconce for the street.
  • Type of management. Sconces for street lighting can have manual or automatic control. The latter is considered the best because it saves electricity, but the cost of such models is higher than that of classic lighting fixtures with manual control.

In the online store you can buy wall sconces for street lighting online at a good price. Delivery of orders is carried out across the territory of Ukraine, including to Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa.