The lack of light on city streets in the dark was always a problem: both for residents and for law-enforcers. Street lighting went a long way from the torches used by the ancient Romans and the Chinese, to the gas analogues of William Murdoch, first introduced on the streets of London in 1807. Today, cities say goodbye to halogen lamps. The era of LED street lighting has come, which the whole team of TM Rosa is pleased to celebrate.


Why does street lighting not lose its importance?

They were relevant in 500 years of AD Modern technologies will not be able to change the status of street city lights. They are the color, salvation and help, substitutes of the Sun, which do not lose their importance due to the following reasons:
  1. Prevention of an accident. Bad lighting near the roads can cause night collisions. A huge number of fatal accidents occur in the dark during the day due to poor visibility and bad street lights. According to world statistics of traffic accidents, about 1.3 million people per year die in automobile accidents. What is remarkable - the still widespread cause of accidents is the lack of high-quality and durable external illumination. Cities and streets with LEDs are an exception.
  2. Preventing Crime and Helping People With Bad Sight. The fact of research can not be denied - Street lighting in the dark is perhaps the best way to prevent various crimes. The light opens the face and figures, weakening the possibilities of criminal elements and increasing the security of the inhabitants.
  3. Undoubtedly, high-quality street lighting not only reduces the number of crimes, but also helps people with low vision. LED bulbs with rechargeable batteries "feed" on photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic panels help to charge the batteries during daylight hours, which provide optimal, even and fairly bright night light.
  4. Exterior lighting should not be too intense or weak, flickering. Only this can be considered the best solution in terms of preventing accidents, crimes and helping people with poor eyesight.
  5. Economic efficiency and high aesthetics. Solar LEDs that are actively used in exterior lighting are designed to automatically switch on and off according to the time of day. These solar lights are able to work all night in all weather conditions. The odds of overheating in solar LEDs are very low. The source of light is the sun, not electricity. Operating costs - minimal, aesthetics - exclusive.

Street lighting can prevent deaths and loss of property. The presence of high-quality street LED lights not only serves the purposes of security in urban areas, but also has a great influence on our standard of living

. is your personal assistant in setting up street lighting

We offer our customers LED lights, bases, fasteners and other accessories for street, park, tunnel and industrial lighting. The store team is represented by Europoles, Valmont, TM Rosa, Schréder, Elmonter. By buying the products of these brands, you find the following benefits.
  1. Lamps that have undergone multiple tests that meet international quality standards.
  2. Robust, anodized metal foundations and fasteners. They are designed to work in harsh weather conditions, vary in ease of installation and exceptional corrosion resistance.
  3. Excellent decorative. Economic lamps, the power source of which is the sun, are varied and futuristic designs.
Street lamps and accessories from our manufacturers allow you to create a cozy SMART space in any city. Their reliable and quick installation can always be trusted by our certified installers. All employees are professionals of their business with all the necessary technical permissions. In addition to knowledge, they have the necessary tools for lighting in the streets. Specialists carry out installation and installation of any complexity in any conditions: in factories, in parks, tunnels, etc.
Street lighting is a modern necessity. Ensure high-quality and durable lighting - the professional responsibility of Only original branded products and skilled workers for your convenience, safety and economy. Are they ready to solve the problem of any complexity, if it is, of course, associated with improving the quality of life of the majority and illumination of exteriors.


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