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Street lamps

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Street lamps - practicality and quality

Since the first attempts to illuminate the city streets with gas lamps, the outdoor lighting industry has undergone significant technological changes. The main element of any lighting system is a lamp. Street lamps are mounted on street supports and poles. Their main function is to maintain illumination in the dark of highways, city streets and squares, business areas and sports facilities. As far as the operation of street lamps takes place in an environment of constant temperature jumps and high humidity, their quality is subject to serious requirements.

Important benefits of LED street lights  

Till today, the most common street lamps are devices in which the source of light are discharge lamps. They are reliable and insensitive to voltage drops. With the development of production technologies of high-power semiconductor light elements, street LED devices have become increasingly popular. They are ideal both for street lighting and for the organization of landscape and architectural lighting. They are characterized by low power consumption, high working life of semiconductor light sources and unusual design.

The main advantages of led lamps:

  • Durability. Practice shows that the street LED lamp will last several times longer than its counterparts. Such lighting fixtures are not only durable, but also able to maintain excellent lighting quality and luminous flux throughout the period of operation. If outdoor LED lamps can withstand up to 100,000 hours of operation, in DRL lamps this figure is 8 times less (12,000 hours), in sodium lamps - 4 times, and in halogen analogues - 15-20 times!
  • Security. LED street lights do not require special disposal, as they do not contain mercury inclusions and other toxic components. This not only significantly facilitates the process of their disposal, but also eliminates the risk of a potentially dangerous situation during accidental damage to the lamp. LED luminaires do not overload the electrical network, which is an additional factor of safety and long-term uninterrupted operation.
  • Profitability. Street LED lights are one of the most economical lighting fixtures. Their level of energy consumption is twice lower compared to conventional lamps, and the power of the light beam is more intense. Compared to gas-discharge and mercury-containing lamps, LED lamps can save up to 70% of electricity and therefore significantly minimize payment costs. The LED street lamp has an efficiency of 100%, while in incandescent lamps more than 90% goes to heating.
  • Lighting quality. Street LED lamps (the price of which fully justifies their high functionality) emit powerful and at the same time soft light, comfortable for the human eye. Among the main advantages - no flicker, instant output to the required power level, high light contrast (color index about 80). Street lamps for the house and the park guarantee an impeccable level of illumination of the territory, which serves as a reliable protection against road accidents and accidental injuries.
  • Practicality. With continuous operation, LED luminaires will last up to 15 years (without the need to change lamps or carry out repairs). If the LED lamp is turned on only at night, its service life can exceed 20-25 years. In the manufacture of models using high-strength materials. The special design prevents dust particles, garbage, raindrops and bird droppings from getting inside the lamp.

Street lamps on poles also attract with ease of installation and dismantling.

How to buy street lamps?

Before making a purchase, you need to determine the basic requirements for the future model. One of the main characteristics of outdoor lighting is the degree of its protection from penetration into the body of foreign particles, the degree of resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures and mechanical shocks. All luminaires are marked according to the generally accepted international standard. That is why you should pay attention to such designations as IEC and IP.

Before you buy pendant lights, you need to correlate the voltage level of the network with the amount of consumption of future lighting fixtures. Modern manufacturers produce them in different designs, which open up great opportunities to create an individual style. The future owner will decide whether it will be a laconic cantilever lantern or an intricate LED lamp of a bizarre shape. If it is necessary, our specialists will provide informational support in the selection of a specific model, taking into account all the features of your case.

Today, LED lighting is considered the most reliable and profitable, making it widely used in all developed countries in Europe and around the world. Our company cooperates directly with manufacturers of outdoor lighting devices. It guarantees the authenticity of the brand and its reference quality. Documentation and long-term warranty obligations are provided for each model.

On the website of the online store "STOLB" you can buy a lamp for the street, to illuminate a pedestrian crossing or park area, for installation on the premises of an apartment building or near the office. In our catalog modern models are presented which differ in reliability and economy of energy consumption.

We will select for you the best variant for a country house or garden, production site or car park.