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Lighting of paths and trails

Lighting paths and trails in the garden: ready-made solutions

Properly organized yard lighting can give it a special appeal and charm in the dark? It, in addition to its functional purpose - illuminating the path and providing the possibility of free orientation in the dark, allows not only to emphasize the most advantageous areas on the site, but also to cover up problem areas. However, this can be achieved only with well-planned lighting.

The fact is that if you "flood" the entire area with bright uniform light emitted from the usual high lantern or a powerful street spotlight, in this case, the romance and mystery here in the evening and at night can be forgotten. It is quite another matter if special garden lamps and lamps will be used to illuminate paths and paths on the site. This accent light will both decorate the yard and give it a touch of charm and mystery.

Do you want to competently organize the lighting of the main and secondary tracks on the site, but do not know which lamps and lanterns are ideal for these purposes? You see the "light at the end of the tunnel", but have no idea where to start? By contacting, you will have one less "headache". And all because in our online store ready solutions for lighting of garden paths and paths thanks to which movement on them will be as much as possible comfortable and safe are already available.

Lighting garden paths and paths: what is it like?

Before ordering in the online shop these or those lighting kits to illuminate the places of episodic stay on the estate, it is important to determine the type of lighting. Today there are a huge number of them, but let's focus on the main ones:

  • functional: such garden lighting is easy to operate and durable. It is designed to ensure comfortable and, most importantly, safe movement of residents of the house on the territory in the dark. Here, special attention should be paid to the lighting of sidewalks and paths that lead to different parts of the site. For these purposes, lamps that emit diffused light are perfect. They will not only fit harmoniously into any neighborhood, but also will not dazzle the eye. As for the functional lighting of garden paths, it can be used as high park lanterns with light falling from top to bottom, and meter sidewalk lights that emit the so-called accompanying lighting;
  • security: often this type of lighting is used when there is a need to create the effect of the presence of the owners on the site. For these purposes, luminaires equipped with photocells are used. Most often they are mounted near the tracks where there are video cameras;
  • decorative: this type of lighting is relevant in cases where the owners of the house want to focus on sidewalks and paths. However, to achieve this, it is important when placing garden lamps, including taking into account the spectral characteristics of light. For example, combining its cold and warm shades, you can convey a fairy-tale-mythical atmosphere. And illuminating the crowns of trees in the immediate vicinity of the sidewalks, will be unusual for the usual place for the owners.

Of course, this is not a complete list of types of lighting garden paths and paths, but the list of those that are most common today. And which of them to prefer depends on the features of landscaping and personal preferences of its owners.

Lighting of sidewalks and paths on the site: types of lighting fixtures

Given the fact that the options for lighting garden paths - in abundance, it is logical to assume that the choice of lighting fixtures in today's market - is very rich. online store is no exception. We offer consumers the following types of lighting fixtures included in the ready-made kits:

  • garden lanterns: also called park lamps, they are now used not only for functional purposes, but also as a decoration of the landscape at night and day;
  • bulb lamps: bulb lamps are now used in landscaping more and more often. And all because they are neutral in style, so they can be used in any design. Balls that glow from within and illuminate garden paths are sure to create a special atmosphere and mood in the backyard;
  • LED garden lights: using such lighting fixtures in places of occasional stay, you can save a lot of family budget. And all because they are much more economical than their "brothers".

Do you want the three most important conditions - comfort, safety and beauty - to be met during the installation of lighting for paths in the country or in the country area? In this case, entrust the performance of these works to qualified specialists from Having high-quality lighting equipment and practical skills, they will mount landscape lighting at the highest level.