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Plastic coated poles

Coated supports are designs that combine elegance and innovation

The days are gone when public places were lit by lamps attached to bulky and unsympathetic reinforced concrete pillars. Now in pedestrian zones, squares and parks, places for rest, on dance floors supports with a covering from synthetic materials are applied. They are also suitable for landscaping, creating expressive lighting installations. The style of the coated pillars copies the old cast-iron park lanterns. But such a classic appearance does not affect the efficiency of lighting. Thanks to the use of modern diode lamps, it is characterized by high performance and efficiency. Supports can also be installed in hard to reach places. In addition, the height of the poles is well chosen and economical but productive lamps save electricity. Designs with this combination are suitable for placement in visited places that require lighting in the dark.

The structure of supports with an external covering - simply about difficult

Columns with an external covering are made of 3 different, but interconnected materials:

  • steel;
  • rigid polyurethane foam;
  • special plastic.

The supporting part of the support is a steel pipe of a given diameter, welded to a reinforced base. Plastic elements are superimposed on it. The first of them is a copolymer casing made by injection molding. The next element is superimposed on top of the previous one and is made of composite plastic by thermoforming. The space between the steel pipe and additional elements is filled with rigid polyurethane foam. This design provides lighting poles resistant to strong winds. The load on them is distributed evenly over the entire height.

Supports with a covering from synthetic materials are executed in 3 versions:

  • S - stylish;
  • SP - standard;
  • SM - modified.

All of them can have niches for fastening of a guard. Such supports are denoted by the letter W. The cables connected to them are hidden behind a special cover. The whole design looks neat and organic. Columns without a niche are also made. Their shield is located separately. In some cases, it is even more convenient.

Resistance to various temperatures, simplicity of installation and aesthetics

The surface of the supporting structures is made in 2 versions:

  • With standard thermal stability - columns for the countries with temperature indicators from -30 to +40 degrees.
  • With increased thermal stability - supports for countries with large temperature differences, lower than -30 and higher than +40 degrees. Such designs can be distinguished by a rich black color. In the documentation, they are denoted by the letter F.

Supports with a covering from synthetic materials differ in high corrosion resistance. They are relatively light weight, so they are easy to mount. And there is no need to use special heavy equipment. Supports covered with synthetic materials are resistant to ammonia, salt and other aggressive substances. They do not burn out in the sun. Such supports look more attractive than reinforced concrete structures for lamps. Their repair and service are distinguished by an affordable price.

Coated supports are a profitable purchase only on the Stolb website

To buy supports with a covering from synthetic materials, address in Stolb online store. You are sure to find a suitable option in the online catalog. Any of the presented positions corresponds to the generally accepted European norms. And you can make a choice independently and with the help of site staff. In any case, think about the purpose of coated supports. As soon as you decide to buy, contact the consultants to arrange delivery in Ukraine. It is carried out by several transport companies (the one that is most convenient for the customer). Thanks to them, coated supports will be in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa or Kharkiv at a time convenient for you.