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Galvanized lighting poles

Galvanized lighting poles: features and characteristics

Galvanized lighting poles are used to fix lighting fixtures, as well as to attach a power cable to them. Their scope is very wide - wherever there is a need for outdoor lighting, lighting poles are used. They increase the efficiency of light flux due to the height of the point where the light is located. The higher the electric lighting fixture, the larger the area it will cover.

Galvanized column: advantages

There are many types of lampposts, which have different heights and shapes, and are made of different materials: plastic, wood, steel, reinforced concrete.

Being in constant harsh climatic zones, humidity, temperature changes, exposure to corrosion, dust, insects, and microorganisms adversely affect the durability of the material and the strength of the product, reducing the service life.

Galvanized lighting poles have higher wear resistance, as well as much less negative impact of the environment due to the zinc coating, which is applied to the entire area of ​​the product.

The simplest galvanized street lighting pole is an ordinary metal tube coated with molten zinc by immersing the product in a special bath at a temperature of 450˚C. This coating creates a thin protective layer, diffusely penetrates the iron atoms, which protects the product from mechanical impact, chemical and electrochemical exposure.

Varieties of galvanized metal supports

The galvanized lamppost, which has a coating thickness of only 100 microns, has a service life increased by tens of years. That is why this type of corrosion protection is widely used to cover electric lighting poles of different types.

Depending on the type of installation, galvanized lighting poles are divided into:

  • Straight - when installing the integral structure of the column is immersed in the ground or concrete to the required depth. It can also consist of two pipes having different diameters, where one is concreted in the ground and the other is inserted into it and welded.
  • Flanged - the support consists of two parts equipped with flanges: the lower part is concreted into the ground, and the upper is fixed with bolts. In case of damage, the upper part can be easily replaced without the need to perform complex earthworks.
  • Anchors - the base is made of reinforced concrete, to the reinforcement of which are welded special anchor bolts, the size and location of which must match the holes in the flange of the upper part of the column.
  • Cantilever - this type of galvanized lighting support consists of a reinforced concrete base that holds the cantilever and mast.

Depending on the shape of the profile, there are:

  • Square, hexagonal and multifaceted supports;
  • Cylindrical supports;
  • Conical and conical faceted supports;
  • Supports of complex shape that perform a decorative function.

The most popular are galvanized lighting poles in the form of a faceted cone, which can withstand wind pressure, the influence of air flow and ripples caused by the oscillation of the wires and the column itself.

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Road lighting poles - road safety

Versatile road supports are durable, economical and easy to install with a high adaptability device. Such qualities allow to use them for lighting on streets and highways (irrespective of traffic intensity), in parks and on country sites, on parking lots and embankments. Installations of road lighting are successfully combined with ultramodern architecture of megacities and a classical city landscape, thanks to features of the design. The design of the multifaceted road support provides for the possibility of additional use of batteries or solar panels, wind turbines.

Multifaceted road supports are made of steel. The entire structure of this high-strength material is treated with an anti-corrosion composition (paint or hot-dip galvanizing), which significantly extends the service life of the installation. He is 20-30 years old.

Advantages of multifaceted road lighting poles

Speaking about the main advantages of lighting poles, first of all we should mention their exceptional reliability and safety. Engineers of the world's leading companies develop designs of multifaceted supports taking into account all regulations and rules, using innovative computer-aided design systems. All models are repeatedly tested in the field before entering the market.

Other advantages of road lighting poles are:

  • the steel structure has a tubular structure that provides a relatively small weight of the product;
  • modern design and expressive forms that harmonize with the environment (roads, houses and buildings);
  • durable wear-resistant material;
  • long service life;
  • acceptable prices for Ukraine in the Stolb online store;
  • various methods of installation (installation on the foundation or deepening into the ground);
  • possibility of use in different climatic conditions.

Road multifaceted supports can boast of another very important quality - environmental friendliness, because steel is a material that is reused without changing its characteristics during processing. So metal road poles are completely safe for the environment in contrast to their concrete-plastic counterparts. The use of metal structures in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine repeatedly reduces energy consumption and contributes to environmental protection, reducing its pollution.

Versatile road supports in the Stolb online store

If you need to buy multifaceted road lighting designs, our company will be happy to help you. We provide a wide range of different products designed for installation and installation of street lighting. Browsing our online catalog, you will choose the best option taking into account the individual requirements for the technological characteristics of structures (installation height, flange dimensions, the size of the hatch for access to communications inside the support).

The price of the product is determined by its design parameters. Road multifaceted supports are made with a height of 8 to 12 meters (step by height - 1 meter). The higher is the column, the correspondingly higher is its price. The final cost may also be affected by additional coating and the use of decorative brackets. In any case, direct cooperation with the manufacturer allows our store to maintain an optimal pricing policy and offer its customers the most favorable terms of cooperation.

Telescopic galvanized supports for lighting

In order for the lighting on the street to be of high quality and durable, various options for its improvement are being actively developed. For example, aluminum, galvanized telescopic lighting poles are created, which have a long service life and perform well in operation. They can have different lengths required by the customer. It will not be difficult to buy lighting equipment at an affordable price in Ukraine.

Advantages of telescopic galvanized lighting poles

Such parts of lighting fixtures are not for nothing so often used today. Telescopic poles for lighting have a lot of advantages over their stationary structures, and galvanized models - over wooden, aluminum, etc. Consider them in more detail:

Last but not least, the advantage of such equipment is aesthetics. They look neat and stylish without attracting much attention. But at the same time it fully performs its functions. Lighting poles are great for creating lighting in a park, near a road, in a parking lot or in a mall.

The material is light weight. Due to this, the telescopic galvanized lighting supports are not difficult to transport and install.

The surface is not subject to damage from rust, even if it is constantly exposed to moisture (snow, rain). It will remain just as smooth and beautiful for many years. This is due to the peculiarities of the equipment. In the manufacturing process, the thickness of the coating reaches about 80 microns, which will allow the telescopic galvanized support for lighting to serve for about thirty years without problems.

There is a wide range of models that go well with the landscape, design of nearby buildings, etc. Today in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv and other cities of our country you can buy different types of galvanized telescopic poles for lighting. These are options of round and octagonal section of various thickness and form. A wide range of options significantly increases demand.

Installation does not take much time and light weight guarantees stability and safety for other objects nearby.

An important advantage of such supports is their environmental friendliness. The material used for them can be recovered in processing.

Since street lighting is of great importance, it is not surprising in the active development of the industry of telescopic galvanized lighting poles. This material in itself has huge advantages, and the form and a design of a telescopic galvanized support allow creating qualitative lighting.

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