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STOLB™️ Lighting

STOLB has been working for a long time in the field of design, installation of lighting systems and supply of lighting equipment. During our work we were able to explore the niche from all angles. The most valuable asset in this is the understanding of any client needs. Starting our own production was a matter of time.

Now we are proud and happy to present the equipment for street and park lighting of the “Stolb ST” brand. These are designs of our own production which allow receiving a high level quality and it is possible to compare with the top manufacturers but with reduced price.

  • Primarily, we rely on customer demands, needs and specifics of the national market in product design;
  • We control the quality of components, the assembly process and ready to give a guarantee for each product;
  • As designers, we are well aware of the norms, standards, requirements for lighting systems, equipment and take them into account in our own production.

Each model is a synthesis of our design potential. These are not just lampposts, but full-fledged elements of the urban landscape, an integral part of the style of the yard, boulevard and park.

We do our best to make these products look attractive, easy to maintain, long lasting, provide standard lighting and create a light pattern that enchants at night.

We make it ourselves because we know exactly what you need!