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Folding poles

Folding supports are the optimal solution for street lighting

In the life of megacities and small cities of Ukraine, lighting on poles usually plays an important role - effectively illuminates the usable area on the streets using a minimum number of devices. But the maintenance of structures (and related tasks) cannot be called a simple matter - it is the replacement of lamps and testing of the entire system, cleaning and replacement of wiring if necessary. Periodic cleaning of the installation with the help of complex supports is absolutely necessary, because the accumulated dirt and dust prevents the supply of light to the ground - the rays are scattered, and energy is wasted on heating the dust.

Purpose, application and design features of folding supports

Folding supports are used to illuminate objects to which it is difficult or even impossible to bring special equipment servicing lighting equipment. This design is the optimal solution, extremely easy to operate, suitable for:

  • houses, cottages or homesteads;
  • park area;
  • playgrounds and sports grounds;
  • tennis courts and golf courses;
  • ski resorts;
  • highways and parking lots;
  • stadiums, etc.

Surveillance cameras or solar panels can also be installed on the folding supports. Cranes, special mechanisms and any other auxiliary equipment are not required for maintenance of a design. All work can be performed freely by one person.

Installation of the folding support is carried out on a mortgage detail (the concrete base block established in advance in soil). The design is connected to the block through fastening apertures by means of hardware.

The material for the production of supports is usually sheet steel or aluminum, and the required level of protection against adverse external influences is achieved through anti-corrosion coating (hot-dip galvanizing method or coating of zinc-containing paint).

The main advantages of folding lighting poles

The folding support gives additional degrees of freedom at operation of a light source:

  • the lamp with the help of a movable frame can be lowered to the height of human height;
  • the angle of the structure can be 90 degrees.

These features provide maximum simplification of the process of inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement of the lamp. Among the advantages of such supports are the following:

  • Possibility of comfortable and safe maintenance of the lighting device (camera) at the level accessible to the person without aids.
  • Ability to easily lower and raise the support.
  • Reduced operating price due to the lack of costs for special equipment.
  • Opportunity to choose and buy cheaply in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine a design with the necessary parameters.
  • Installation strength and anti-vandal resistance.
  • Resistance to negative environmental factors.

The operating temperature range for folding faceted supports is usually from -60 ° C to +40 ° C, and the service life is at least 15 years.

Advantages of cooperation with the Stolb online store

The folding support is a technically complex device, which can be bought at the optimal prices for the Ukrainian market in the Stolb online store. To make the right choice of equipment for each specific object, it is necessary to consider a number of factors:

  • installation parameters;
  • features of installation of a folding support;
  • the wind category of the area of ​​the point where the support is installed;
  • power requirements, etc.

The online catalog of our online store offers many relevant solutions for street lighting. High-quality folding supports presented on the site in a wide range, manufactured by leading global brands, meet modern standards and have quality certificates. The price for folding installations depends on height of model and its other parameters. We can suggest you options with a height of 4.5 to 11.5 meters.

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