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Input shields

Purpose of input shields

In today's world, humanity cannot do without electricity. And it can be provided by a safe and uninterrupted power supply. First you need to connect the electrical system to the input shields, which are a metal box. The material of the introductory shield can be plastic with non-combustible properties.

How are the input shields arranged?

Consider the device of the entrance panel, consisting of:

  • the built-in clamping lath made of RVT - materials in the form of plastic raw materials, have high insulating properties at the big mechanical endurance;
  • panel cover with a clamping cover and power lines. Such a structure closes the terminal area made of a transparent polycarbonate substance;
  • the base of the shield. The material used is made of polycarbonate and fiberglass. The outlets and inlets of the cable structure are equipped with gaskets.

Types of input shields

Input shields are divided into:

  • built-in;
  • hinged.

Let's dwell briefly on the advantages of each version of the panel design.

The panel of the built-in type differs in labor-consuming properties at the time of installation works. The main advantage of such a shield is the aesthetics of appearance. The design differs in accuracy, without protrusion from wall space. Installation of such entrance panels is necessary for houses, office buildings, enterprises. The material for the manufacture was a plastic substance, the main property of which was the non-conductivity of electricity.

The hinged typology is presented visually in the form of a locker from iron or plastic substance. Its purpose is to hide open wiring. Has a scope in any room. Installation is easy and simple.