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Aluminum park poles

Aluminum supports - a reasonable combination of functionality, lightness and economy

Aluminum structures for lighting are rapidly replacing concrete columns. They are actively used to illuminate parks, streets and squares. Designers use them to improve summer cottages.

Aluminum park lighting poles are easy to install without additional hardware, have high wear resistance and strength. The metal for their manufacture undergoes a special treatment, as a result of which it finds a protective pellicle. Also, after processing, aluminum is easy to paint in the desired color, according to the designer's project or the surrounding elements. Powder dyes are used for painting.

From aluminum you can make original designs with different relief pattern in the form of flowers, animals or leaves. Supports for lighting are combined with plafonds of any forms. Aluminum structures look modern and presentable, even if they are made in the old style.

Guaranteed service life of structures is about fifty years. Aluminum park lighting poles can be easily dug into the ground or installed in the foundation.

The originality, beauty, reliability of the invention allows you to widely use aluminum supports for lighting in your favorite place. Walking under the lights of magic lanterns is the best remedy for depression.