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Brackets for street light

Everything you need to know about the bracket for street lighting

In many countries around the world, a headband is used to organize street lighting. This is a highly specialized term, which hides the familiar bracket for street lighting. You have probably seen them on the streets of your city or town. These are special fastenings which establish on basic columns. Safety and efficiency of street lighting depend on reliability of such design. We will talk further about why you should buy a bracket for street lighting, where it is best to install and most profitable to buy.

Advantages of street lighting brackets

In itself, the design of the bracket for street lighting is quite reliable. It is made of steel pipe (usually galvanized to achieve anti-corrosion properties), the wall thickness of which is not less than 1.5 mm. Such headlights are suitable for fast and safe installation of certain types of luminaires on steel, concrete and reinforced concrete supports in:

  • parks;
  • squares;
  • private yards;
  • industrial facilities;
  • schoolyards, kindergartens, etc.

And on roads, highways, gas stations ... In general, they are suitable for almost any area. There are brackets that can be installed on the facade of the house, and on a concrete column, and on the wall, etc.

Manufacturers of headlights for lighting produce models designed for cantilever lamps, as well as floodlights. The first are made with different number of horns. The most popular are single-horn options. However, brackets for 3-4 and even 8 lighting fixtures find their buyers. At the same time fixtures can be spaced both on the horizontal, and on the vertical plane.

All brackets for street lighting have a wide palette of colors: brown, gray, black, green, etc. There are also models that are designed for powder coating. And all this is for you to create the most attractive appearance for your street light.

Summarizing all above, we can note the following advantages of the headrest for street lighting:

  • lightness and reliability of a design;
  • long service life (about 25-35 years of faultless work);
  • simplicity and safety in installation;
  • attractive modern design;
  • wide choice of options of execution.

The perfect ratio of quality, external attractiveness and price - that's what can be said about modern brackets.

Headrests for masts are the independent basic detail intended for simple and convenient installation of fixtures of various types on lighting resistance. Headrests are an important part of the fixture, providing visibility in the dark. For reliable fastening of headboards to a mast, the design provides a number of carving apertures.

Headrests provide power supply from a cable or air network. Due to the convenience of design, the installation of the headband does not take much time.

With the help of headliners you can emphasize the beneficial features of the exterior, street or park, focus on interesting architectural solutions. Due to the variety of design options, you can choose the type of headrest, emphasizing both the beauty of modern buildings and the grandeur of historic buildings.

In our shop the wide range of a headband of a different design that allows satisfying inquiries of the most exacting clients is presented. In addition to various forms, the customer can choose the color of the headband, because, in addition to meeting the functional requirements, it must naturally and harmoniously blend into the environment. A huge number of colors of the product will allow you to choose an option that perfectly complements the lighting composition.

Advantages of a headrest for masts presented in our shop:

  • a variety of forms of a headband that allows to satisfy any inquiries of buyers;
  • possibility to choose the color of the product;
  • fast production under the order.

The best manufacturers of brackets for street lighting

Some of the most reliable, beautiful and inexpensive brackets for street lighting are produced by such companies as:

  • Rosa;
  • АЗМК;
  • Elmonter.

It is worth noting the products of the Polish company Rosa. It manufactures not only headgear, but also supports, foundations for them, etc. For its more than 25-year history, Rosa has established itself as a company that really cares about its customers. It provides a guarantee of quality for its products and the most affordable prices.

If you want to buy brackets for street lighting from Rosa or other manufacturers listed above, contact the Stolb online store. Only here you will be offered:

  • the most affordable cost of brackets;
  • the fastest delivery to any region of Ukraine (both to Lviv, Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and to less populated cities and settlements);
  • the most qualified consultations from specialists, etc.

You do not need to go or go anywhere to place an order, all applications are accepted online. All products sold by our company are provided with a quality certificate, as well as a guarantee from the manufacturer. If you need specialists who will install the brackets for street lighting purchased by you - contact us without hesitation. Our staff will do everything at the highest level. Stolb online store is your reliable supplier of everything you may need for street lighting!