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Park lights

Park lamps: varieties and features of choice

Park lights are a variety of lighting fixtures. But they have one thing in common: increased resistance to shocks and weather conditions, which in turn indicates the quality and reliability of our store.

You can always seek advice from our staff, who is experts in this field, who will be happy to give complete answers to questions that interest you.

Lighting of garden and park territories has not only a functional purpose, but also is an important component of its appearance, it is a necessary element of a decor. LED park lights are widely used in the modern world. They are used to illuminate lawns, flower beds, treetops, parks, boulevards and many other areas in the dark. Manufacturers have already taken care of different degrees of protection of park lamps from external influences. LED lamps are used as light sources.

If you want to highlight and emphasize certain areas or create special effects in lighting, the lamps of our online store are perfect for you.

Types of park lamps

Lamps for the park, which are presented on the market today, can be divided into several groups, each of which has its own characteristics and technical characteristics.

  • Cantilever lamps. This type of park lamps is used to illuminate streets, roads, squares, passages, etc. Lighting fixtures of this type use supports in the form of the letter "G", which is installed at an angle of 15˚. Mercury or sodium lamps are used for cantilever park lamps. Such devices are characterized by high strength and long service life.
  • Floor lamps. They are used when you need to illuminate a large area in the open. The lighting fixture is usually installed on the upper part of the support, which makes it possible to direct the light flux over a large area, as well as not to interfere with people walking in the area. This type of decorative lighting is most common in gardens, parks, etc.
  • Garden and park lamp. This type of lighting fixtures is presented in our online store in a wide variety. Thanks to the original design, park lamps look great as illumination of architectural buildings, as well as for decorative lighting of greenery.
  • Linear lamps. This type of park lighting is used in yards or flower beds. Products are made of aluminum using heat-resistant glass, which is carefully protected from mechanical damage. It is possible to install such park lighting on supports of vertical or horizontal look.

Park lamps: scope

Park luminaires are a fairly wide group of lighting fixtures that can be used almost universally to create quality lighting on the street, namely:

  • in parks and gardens;
  • in open areas;
  • on summer terraces in cafes and restaurants;
  • in cottage settlements;
  • along highways;
  • on homestead plots of country residences;
  • along the bridge, footpaths, alleys;
  • in areas near entertainment centers, recreation areas, institutions and office buildings.

Park lighting is successfully used to create decorative lighting for architectural monuments, fountains and green areas. With their help, any landscaping can give a complete look, highlight accents and zone the space in the garden, create the right lighting for open areas in the dark.

Requirements for park lamps

Park luminaires have several functions at the same time: a decorative component and lighting functionality. Because they are mounted in crowded places and used in difficult climatic conditions, park lighting has higher requirements:

  • presentable appearance and aesthetic appeal;
  • return of sufficient light to illuminate the surrounding areas in the dark;
  • high degree of protection and vandal-resistant case;
  • exposure to significant changes in temperature, exposure to ultraviolet light and precipitation;
  • high power, economical power consumption;
  • energy efficiency.

Garden and park lamps: materials

Different materials are used for the manufacture of modern park lamps:

  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • forging;
  • metal.

Garden and park lamps: light sources

The following types of lamps are used as lighting devices:

  • halogen lamps;
  • incandescent lamps;
  • induction lamps;
  • xenon lamps;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • gas discharge lamps;
  • LED lamps.

LED street lamps have a high light output. The level of energy consumption compared to traditional light sources is very low. The use of such lighting fixtures will reduce electricity costs by five times, and the payback period of the luminaires is one year. Placing street lights on LED elements along highways significantly reduces the number of road accidents.

Depending on the types of lampshades, park luminaires can be equipped with lampshades made of transparent or matte material, as well as diffusers that direct light vertically or horizontally. Focusing of the light flux can occur at one point or a soft glow can be scattered throughout the surrounding area.

If you want to create bright lighting of a facade or all landscape, choose models of park lamps of floodlight type. Low-power devices with diffused glow are suitable for backlighting. To create a comfortable relaxed atmosphere on the patio, on the terrace or in the gazebo, choose elegant hanging and wall sconces.

In our online store you can buy park lights at a good price. A wide variety of models and stylistic solutions will allow you to choose the most attractive option.