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LED Park Lighting Stolb ODS 4

Article: ODS4/30/830

Park LED lamp Stolb ODS

Stolb ODS is a cluster solution for creating both accent lighting and uniform illumination of large areas. This solution is universal for any objects, parks and public squares due to the ability to direct the spotlights in different directions.

The support is made of a round pipe with a diameter of 102 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm. The use of such a massive profile is due to the peculiarity of the behavior of the supports under the action of wind loads and the movement of vehicles that create vibrations, and as a result of the oscillation of the support, which negatively affects the mechanical properties of the support (profile evenness, resistance of welds and anti-corrosion coating), as well as the LED module and electrical connections.

Protection of the Stolb ODS luminaire from corrosion is carried out by powder painting with preliminary cleaning of the structure and application of a zinc-containing primer. Any color of the RAL palette is available to choose from for painting the pole without changing the cost. Additionally, to protect the pole flange, thermal zinc spraying is applied to a height of 0.25 m from the pole flange in accordance with EN 40-5:2002.

A LED spotlight is used as a light source.





Height 4000/5000/6000 mm
Profile round pipe with a diameter of 102 mm
Profile wall thickness 3 mm
Mounting plate thickness 10 mm
Power of one LED module (spotlight) 30/60 W
Type of light source Spotlights 4 pcs
CRI and color temperature >80 for 4000K / >80 for 3000K
Rated luminous flux 3600 – 7200 lm
Residual luminous flux 100.000 h 80%
Optics 15°; 30°; 50°; 60; 90°; 120°
Rated supply voltage 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Power factor ≥0.95
Degree of protection  




Electrical safety class I
Weight 40-70 kg
Construction materials  




Corrosion protection Zinc-containing primer, thermal zinc spraying to a height of 0.25 m from the support flange in accordance with EN 40-5:2002.
Color Powder coating any other color in accordance with the RAL palette - on request without changing the cost.
Operating temperature range -35 °C ... +55 °C
Application Pedestrian areas, parks, squares, alleys, private areas, parking lots.
Warranty period 2 years
Producing country Ukraine
Contents of delivery - lighting support with 4 pcs. spotlights;
- input shield TV-1 with a fuse 10A;
- anchor device FP1
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Height, m
4 5 6
Power, W
30 60
Color temperature
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Title LED Park Lighting Stolb ODS 4