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Electrical hermetic connectors and connectors

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In which cases may electrical hermetic connectors and connectors be required?

Hermetic connectors are devices consisting of round metal connectors as well as quick-release bayonet joints. There must be a socket for connecting LED strips on both sides of the hermetic cable connection. The main advantage of hermetic joints is that they protect the inner part of the connector from moisture and dirt and, accordingly, can be used in many more cases. Very often, hermetic connectors are needed to connect different parts of the LED strips.

Basic rules for choosing a hermetic connector

The first factor to pay attention before buying a 220V electric hermetic connector is its dimensions. To do this, you only need to compare the corresponding value of the cable plugs and directly - the size of the hermetic connectors. As a rule, separate devices are developed for a certain LED strip. Moreover, the buyer should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Rated current. Most models on the market today are 5 amps. This means that the hermetic 220 V connector can withstand an uninterruptible current of the mentioned value under constant conditions without any consequences.
  • Level of efficiency. The outer cover should fit snugly to the body of the model. If it is a moisture-proof connector, it, accordingly, must guarantee protection not only from dust and dirt, but also from moisture. The contacts of such a device must have a low level of resistance. Also high-quality hermetic connector is insensitive to various mechanical vibrations.
  • Number of connectors. The moisture-proof connector can have two or one output for contact. You need to choose a device with one connector in the event that you need to connect a power supply, as well as - a certain segment of the LED strip. Accordingly, a device with two connectors will be needed to contact two separate tapes. Most often, buyers need to buy a hermetic connection with two parts for a tight fixation of the cable. Such models can be found in the proven online store Stolb.

In addition, the presented electrical connectors meet all the necessary quality standards. Due to their resistance to moisture, these devices can be used in the outdoor environment, outside buildings. On the Stolb website you can find detailed technical characteristics of each of the presented models. We provide our customers with hermetic connectors, ideal in terms of value for money.

The importance of the level of moisture resistance and how to choose the right one

It is worth starting with the fact that the level of moisture resistance was determined at the level of the International Electrotechnical Commission. Models on sale in today's market meet the performance of ip67 or ip68. The very wording "ip" is deciphered by professionals as "international protection". Translated from English, it means "international protection".

Accordingly, the number "6" immediately after "ip" indicates that the hermetic connector is a reliable protection of the cable from dust particles. By the way, this characteristic is possessed by the vast majority of such materials. As for the second figure, it tells the buyer specifically about the level of protection against moisture. If it is the number "7", then such a hermetic connection can be under water for some time without the risk of adverse consequences.

However, quickly remove the hermetic connector from the water or dry the excess moisture for a few minutes, immediately after contact with the liquid. Accordingly, the purchase of such hermetic connectors is not always advisable, and their scope is limited quite seriously. However, hermetic ip68 connectors are more reliable in all respects, as they can be immersed to a depth of three meters, and even stay there for some time. That is why the connection with this level of moisture resistance is considered a really profitable purchase.

Stolb store offers its customers the best conditions for buying hermetic connectors online in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine. The first factor to pay attention to is the loyal value of each model compared to the pricing policy of competitors. In addition, we guarantee fast order processing and timely delivery of hermetic power connectors. If you have any questions about the technical characteristics of hermetic connectors, as well as the terms of purchase, please contact the staff of the store "Stolb".