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Industrial lighting

High-quality industrial lighting is a guarantee of high productivity

Any industrial premises need high-quality, reliable and at the same time economical lighting. This is especially true of industrial buildings and workshops, which require accurate and high-quality work. The eyes are very tired from the constant concentration of attention, and the right lighting has a positive effect on the work organization. Choosing industrial lighting for businesses, innovative technologies should be preferred, as new light sources consume much less energy, which significantly saves current costs. In Ukraine, you can buy industrial lighting in the online store In our catalog the most reasonable prices for all categories of goods are represented, and the cost of delivery depends on the services of the carrier.

What to look for when choosing industrial lighting?

Lamps used for industrial purposes are significantly different from household counterparts. They are subject to many more different requirements and norms. This primarily concerns the reliability and power of industrial lighting. In addition, luminaires for industrial premises must be reliably protected from dust and moisture. No less important parameter of choice is the power of the device. This characteristic depends on the area to be illuminated, as well as the availability of other light sources in the area.

When choosing a suitable industrial luminaire, it is necessary to proceed from the conditions under which it will be used, as well as from its location. So, on sale you can find ceiling and wall lamps, pendant models, as well as industrial floodlights that can be used as street lamps.

Thus, you first need to determine the purpose and scope of the lamp, and only then buy a suitable model. You can buy a lamp for an industrial purpose online. This procedure will save not only money but also your time.

LED lamps in industrial lighting

Currently, the most popular light sources are LED lamps. This is due to the fact that they, unlike fluorescent light sources, consume much less electricity, but at the same time provide natural and high quality lighting. Choosing an LED lamp for a production room, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • luminous flux: is one of the main criteria when choosing any lighting fixture. The unit of luminous flux indicates the amount of light emitted and is measured in lumens. The higher this figure, the brighter and more intense will be the industrial LED lamp;
  • power: the higher this value, the brighter the LED will glow. However, do not forget that the lower the power, the less energy the lamp consumes. Thanks to modern technologies, LED luminaires have high brightness and power at low energy consumption. That is why they are very actively used in industrial lighting;
  • light pattern: a value that indicates what area is covered by the luminous flux during glow. This indicator is especially important in industrial lighting, because it depends on the uniform distribution of light throughout the production room;
  • light temperature: this is a criterion of the so-called warm glow of the LED lamp. Since the advent of energy-saving lamps, many have misunderstood this innovation due to the sharp and unpleasant to the eye glow. Modern LED luminaires used for industrial lighting show high brightness and do not irritate the eyes;
  • manufacturer: when choosing lighting for industrial premises should pay attention to the world's manufacturers who have already established themselves in this field and are in demand from buyers. Well-known manufacturers, as a rule, provide a longer warranty period, which has a positive effect on purchasing power.

Following these rules, you can choose a high-quality and efficient industrial lighting system, which will also be cost-effective.

Advantages of using LED lamps in the lighting of industrial premises:

  • their cost is steadily declining, while improving the quality of lighting and increasing service life;
  • have the maximum indicator of energy saving;
  • fast payback and comfortable lighting of workplaces, guarantees increase of labor productivity;
  • LED ceiling lights have a number of advantages over their mercury counterparts, they do not heat up and are safer to use;
  • despite low energy consumption, they emit a powerful light flux;
  • have the easy case and reliable fastening;
  • have a high degree of protection.

LED devices are safe for humans and the environment. They do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, and also create a comfortable environment for work. They provide natural color transfer and emit a stable light flux without pulsations.

LED industrial luminaire suspended, ceiling or recessed - this is the best option for lighting production facilities and warehouses. In Kiev, Kharkov or Lviv to buy industrial lamps is not particularly difficult, and for more remote regions, you can use the services of online services such as our online store. Here is a wide selection of floodlights that can be used for both outdoor and indoor lighting. There are also suspended models which are also applied in production rooms. Buying quality luminaires remember that industrial lighting is the key to good and high productivity, as well as creating comfortable working conditions for production workers.