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Composite street lighting poles

Composite lighting poles: types, features, choice advantages

Recently, the issue of the quality of street lighting has been particularly hotly debated. As a result, light sources, poles and supports to which they are attached, as well as direct street crossings, massively began to improve light reproduction sources on the streets. Because of low level of visibility on these objects accidents and unforeseen situations often arise. Composite lighting poles are a decent solution for light sources of various types, thanks to which you can significantly improve the level of visibility.

Road lighting depends on many factors. Not the last role is played by the correctly picked up size of the corresponding support. For example, if the lighting poles are incorrect in size, even the best LED lights will not be able to perform their functions well. Therefore, in our article we will tell you about the types of composite lighting poles, name their main advantages, introduce different color options for such equipment and tell you where you can buy it as cheap as possible!

The main types of composite supports for lighting

There are several main types of this equipment, among which there are three main ones:

  • erect (ordinary);
  • flanged;
  • with technological hatch.

Upright lighting poles have a rather primitive design. They are dug into a pre-prepared pit. After that, such composite lighting poles for fixing are filled with concrete mixture.

The second version of the equipment can be installed in two ways. In the first case, it is placed in a pre-prepared pit. This is similar to the installation of upright supports, but has some differences. For example, the quality of the foundation, which will fill the pit, is affected by the installation location and operating environment of the columns.

In the second case, the composite lighting poles are placed on a screw pile. It can be self-tapping or blade type. Such equipment can be twisted manually (if the corresponding pile for street supports has the small size: to three meters) or by means of special equipment.

The last type of composite lighting poles has a high tightness. Due to this, the space of the inner part of the column is reliably protected from mechanical and weather influences.

The advantages of using composite supports for lighting are visible

The popularity of these mechanisms, which are installed light sources on the streets and along park roads, arose for a reason. Such equipment has many significant advantages, among which are:

  • resistance to corrosion processes;
  • resistance to deformation and elasticity (columns can withstand significant gusts of wind and do not break);
  • high safety level (park lighting poles do not conduct electricity, and due to their structure, which does not include metal, do not pose a great danger in a collision with the car);
  • environmental friendliness (they include exceptionally safe substances for both the environment and humans);
  • lightness (even the highest racks have a minimum weight of no more than forty kilograms);
  • the need for minimal maintenance (such products do not require additional processing to preserve their basic qualities);
  • long service life (with careful care, composite supports will be able to function well for at least fifty years).

Installation of such city lighting is as fast and cheap as possible. It can be easily handled by two operators and there is no need to call the appropriate installation equipment. At the same time, the process of installing such equipment takes a minimum amount of time and does not require additional costs.

The color of the composite lighting poles

From all the above, it is clear that this type of column over time will completely displace the standard products of concrete and wood. The service life of composite lighting supports is more influenced by the material from which they are made. Most often it is either basalt plastic or glass.

Therefore, the appearance and design of these products is becoming more relevant every day. There are many options for decorating these devices. They can be covered with any shade of resin, apply a finishing layer of gel coat or a special decorative film. Also recently, composite poles have become especially popular, in the middle of which is an additional light source. In this way, the visibility of the column in the dark increases several times.

Due to the texture and structure the supports of composite lighting can have any design. It is absolutely easy to choose or create a unique version of it. It is best to combine such supports with LED light sources.

Choose composite lighting poles

Today it is very easy to buy such products. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to improve the design lighting, start choosing composite supports right now! The main thing is to pay attention to such characteristics as:

  • height;
  • type of installation;
  • manufacturer's brand.

For the most part, composite lighting poles have a height of six to twelve meters. It is worth choosing based on the characteristics of the area where they will be installed. We have already talked about the type of installation of such products, so we will not focus on this now. It should be noted that this indicator also depends primarily on the environment.

Alumast is one of the most popular brands of composite lighting poles. Its products are reliable, lightweight and high quality. Alumast products have been awarded many prizes and have a mark of European quality.

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