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Park lighting columns

Park columns: beauty in detail

To create an incredible atmosphere in the garden, emphasize the individual style of the exterior, as well as highlight the necessary areas, experts recommend using park columns. You've probably seen these in the movies. Today, to afford such a "luxury", it is not necessary to be rich. Even a middle-income person can buy park poles, install them in the yard of a private house and enjoy a real work of landscape art and lighting. They look incredibly stylish in parks, squares, on the streets and in other places of public use.

Three reasons to buy park columns

Garden and park columns are used mainly for three main reasons:

  • The reason №1 is functional. This means that people buy such street poles to provide the park or garden with the optimal amount of light. For public places, the luminance is determined by regulations and building regulations, but for private gardens and parks - the personal wishes and tastes of the owners.
  • Reason №2 - decorative. This means that people buy such columns to emphasize the natural beauty of the landscape, fountains, ponds and those plants that grow in the area, as well as to place the right accents of light and shadow, etc.
  • The reason №3 is marking. This means that people buy such columns to make light directions for movement. That is, highlight the line of paths, architectural contours, as well as mark areas dangerous to traffic.

Whatever your purpose in purchasing such garden poles is, know that they are really reliable, inexpensive and effective lighting fixtures.

Features of the choice of park columns

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing columns - the design of lamps. They must fit harmoniously into the overall style of the garden space. Today, manufacturers of street park poles are ready to offer you options in all sorts of styles. They can also be of different heights: from 25 cm to 1 meter.

The second is the energy efficiency of garden and park poles. Agree, change the light bulbs in the lamps once a month, or even a week - it's not very pleasant. Therefore, pay attention to LED models. They are not only economical, compact, but also able to create a truly chic atmosphere in your park or garden. You should also keep in mind that such street columns are not bought for a year or two. Their minimum service life is 10-15 years. During all this time, you are unlikely to be able to change their location without a major redevelopment of the entire space. All park poles are an integral lighting system - a single electrical circuit. Wires for the installation of such lamps are laid underground, often at the stage of wiring the main communications: water supply, sewerage systems, etc. Experts recommend planning the placement of park columns during the construction of the house.

When choosing lighting fixtures, you should pay attention only to products of proven brands, such as Rosa, iGuzzini, Schreder, PERFORMANCE IN LIGHTING and others. As practice shows, the products of these brands show the best value for money.

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