Familiar situation when you imagine a design idea, its appearance, but after implementation it is far from expectations? Us - no, we know how to visualize ideas before buying equipment. Now with our help you cannot only get a quality project of architectural lighting, but also see the facade in the literal sense in a new light before the work start.

Why do you need architectural lighting?

Really, why spend time, money? It is enough to put on a pair of lampposts more. Their light is enough to illuminate the road and the facade. But such arguments fly to dust when they see our projects.

Properly planned lighting works wonders:

  • The play of light and shadow allows you to see the work of the architect in a different way, to emphasize the new reading of the message embedded in the drawing of the facade;
  • The building is completely transformed, acquires a special chic, monumentality. It is valuable for theaters, concert halls, exhibition centers;
  • Light allows you to create the right atmosphere. Without effective lighting, business centers, shopping and entertainment complexes, restaurants, cafes and shops will become boring; they will simply stop being noticed by passers-by;
  • Architectural monuments retain their appeal to tourists and just connoisseurs of music frozen in stone;
  • This lighting changes both the building and the surrounding area. An island of light is created in the velvet of the night - a beautiful pearl of any city.

Of course, this also improves the general visibility of the object, increasing the parameters of personal and public safety of citizens.

design of architectural lighting of the church

Advantages and features of the visualization process

It all starts with project development. You bring us an idea, we turn it into drawings, plans, schemes. But looking at them, it is impossible to accurately imagine the practical outcome of the work. Lighting in architecture, although it has its canons, is more democratic than road lighting. Therefore, there are more options. If we explain the difference on your fingers, you are unlikely to understand. But visualization changes everything.

With the help of modern software and our professionalism, you can see the exact model of your object, but with the lighting that provides the developed project. If you want to change something, we will do everything in front of your eyes.

This allows you to assess the benefits of design with visualization:

  • Visible result. You can look at the building from different angles and evaluate the whole picture;
  • Budget savings. Changes to the layout are free. This is more profitable than, for example, the replacement of luminaires or supports after installation;
  • Do not spend time on reworking the project during implementation (or after).

All the brightest, best works of our company were also implemented first in cyberspace, agreed with the customer, edited and only then implemented. Let's bring your idea to perfection together before it comes to life!