When we turn on the light, we don't think about how it propagates. You have no idea how complex formulas can be used to determine the lighting systems of the house, along the road, in the office or in your fitness center. We approach the arrangement of lamps, the selection of their power professionally; we strive to provide maximum comfort and efficiency in any room or on the street.

Lighting calculation

Why is this necessary?

When you create new rooms or renovate old ones, you inevitably have to solve lighting problems. For example, you open a new shop. Here the nature of lighting is utilitarian, aimed at a practical solution. When lighting the streets, parks or classroom at school, there is already a need to preserve the design of the room or landscape.

But no matter what calculations we make, they allow us to solve the following problems:

  • Determine the required number and specificity of places for the installation of light sources;
  • Calculate the power of lamps to ensure the desired level of comfort and visibility;
  • Integrate lighting fixtures into the design or landscape, taking into account the different modes of their operation;
  • Determine what light intensity is needed on individual surfaces and in space as a whole;
  • Optimize the number and characteristics of lamps;
  • Save electricity;
  • Comply with state sanitary norms and requirements of labor protection at work;
  • Check the change in brightness when changing the modes of operation of the lighting system.

How does the preliminary calculation save?

It would seem that this is additional project work that will increase the cost of the project. We have proven the opposite to our clients many times.

Calculations allow to obtain a real economic effect:

  • You will avoid buying unnecessary equipment, which was taken "just in case";
  • Editing a project on paper is much cheaper than redesigning or "bringing to mind" a ready-made lighting system;
  • You will be able to get the most economical lighting option that will fully comply with all regulations.

For accurate lighting calculations you need very little:

  • Dimensions of the room;
  • Purpose of the object (gym, shop, office);
  • Wishes for style and design.

Everything else will be done by our team. You do not have to worry about missing something - we always work extremely accurately and meticulously. As a result, you will receive a ready estimate with the necessary equipment, a map of the location of light sources and their characteristics. If necessary, we can provide you with all the equipment and installation.