Non-standard projects require appropriate solutions. When we introduce new technologies, it may turn out that traditional tools are not enough to solve the problem. This means that we need those who are able to generate a new, non-standard solution - the best professionals. Therefore, our help was needed on one large-scale and very ambitious object with a resounding name "KIT".

Complex characteristics

This is the administrative and logistics terminal "Kyiv Innovation Terminal", which belongs to the company "Nova Poshta". It can be confidently contrasted with the American "Amazon" and the implemented technology and scale.

The terminal itself covers an area of ​​23,900 square meters. There are 190 staging places for loading and unloading vehicles, comfortable temporary housing for drivers. The complex is equipped with automated lines with special scanners that allow you to scan codes from either side of the box and speed up processing at times. Needless to say, there are no analogues of such a center in Ukraine.

But this solution turned out to be so unusual and innovative that the project required many specific components, including street lighting fixtures. In the range of companies that are suitable in quality for such a project, models with the desired specification simply did not appear.

Responsible task

Specific luminaires were needed to provide the required lighting parameters. LEDs were chosen as the light source. We have been working with them since their appearance on the Ukrainian market and have already studied the specifics and advantages of the category. In this case, the following parameters were important to us:

• Durability. They have a record number of hours of operation compared to other lamps;

• Ease of maintenance, the ability to replace individual units;

• Sufficient brightness.

But it was important not just to choose the right capacity, but to develop unique designs that accurately implement design ideas, as well as provide the appropriate level of lighting in the parking lot and driveways, throughout the terminal. This was our main task.

A simple but effective solution

As a result, we did the following:

• Developed the concept and drawings of new luminaires in strict compliance with state building codes and parameters of the terminal project;

• Lighting fixtures were manufactured and delivered to the installation site.

As a result, the entire territory of the administrative and logical complex "KIT" is well lit, the terminal itself looks in line with its enormous potential.

Each such project for us is an opportunity not only to prove itself, but also to check. With each non-standard solution, we grow above ourselves in order to offer our customers only the best solutions to problems of any complexity and ambition.