Cooperation with leaders is not only a new item in the portfolio, but also a charge of energy for success, growth and development. We are happy to work on such facilities - it allows us to demonstrate our potential and capabilities. This was also the case with the new Volvo Construction Equipment project for the company's official dealer in Ukraine - ETS Group. The EC300DL and EC200DL models, which arrived in the country recently, were presented here.

Such large companies have a characteristic feature: they not only take care of themselves, but improve everything they face. We were instructed to organize lighting on the site of a new facility for a car dealer and on the road near it.

The project turnkey: we performed the design, supply of equipment, installation. We like such tasks because there is a continuous control over the implementation of all stages. We are confident in the quality and originality of the equipment, its compliance with technical conditions. The same with the installation - we know all the intricacies of the project, we see the finished object. As a result, the work is performed much faster and guaranteed quality.

Choosing equipment, we stopped at:

  • Galvanized supports for street lighting Europoles. This is an economical but effective solution that can provide the required strength and durability without high costs. In this case, a simple design was enough;
  • Schreder Teceo street cantilever luminaire. The products of this brand have become a symbol of quality and reliability. Due to the fact that the maintenance of such lamps is a difficult task due to the height, we used designs that do not require frequent repairs.

We proposed a solution that corresponded to the concept of the project: reliable, durable, productive.

The result completely satisfied us and the customer. We have offered a strong, energy efficient, safe and durable solution. Good lighting allows you to give presentations at any level of natural light, in the evening and even at night. All structures are certified, meet building codes and safety requirements. Due to the choice of quality equipment, the entire lighting system requires minimal maintenance, it is guaranteed.

We know how important it is to present the project in the best light and we do it for each of our customers!