Topics close to sports have always charged us. We sincerely care about the spirit of such an object, we work with passion. Therefore, we were very pleased with the project in Poltava: near the famous stadium "Vorskla" for CYSS. I. Horpinka built a training football field. This is a completely reconstructed old uncovered field, where CYSS students train. Until this year, the boys played on the soil of granite - granular filler of small granite crumbs.

The city authorities decided to give the best to children, and updated the football field. We were invited to light the renovated area. We have previously paid a lot of attention to the development of lighting solutions for sports facilities of various types and scales. But this is a task "with an asterisk", because there is a beautiful, professional arena "Vorskla". We wanted to look dignified against this background, both in quality and from an aesthetic point of view.

We are faced with the following tasks:

We started working immediately, because the field was transforming very quickly.

We didn't have to think long about the supports - Rosa aluminum supports became the ideal solution for this project. Despite the high cost, they are considered a cost-effective solution in the long run. Their service life is many times longer than that of conventional galvanized supports, and they look very stylish and dignified even against the background of "Vorskla", complementing it and maintaining the image.

The luminaires were chosen by OPPLE. These floodlights are designed specifically for large-scale objects that require powerful solutions. They are known around the world primarily as suppliers of lighting equipment for industrial and sports facilities. In addition, they use LED lamps in their floodlights, which makes them durable and very economical.

As a result, the contractors received a detailed design and all necessary equipment. The delivery set, in addition to supports and installation of lamps, also included brackets, switchboards and other necessary components. The assembly team only had to assemble and connect everything.

We are very glad that we were lucky enough to join the project aimed at the development of the younger generation. Sport is a physical and emotional hardening, training of character. We are sure that the boys who play on the small field today will soon go to the big stadium.