How do you feel when you work with the best?

What will be the expectations if you have to take part in the deployment of a truly fabulous project?

How would you feel about working with a team of world-class designers?

We are familiar with these searches, although it is really difficult to describe them. It is a mixture of inspiration, ambition, joy, pleasant excitement. It is also the realization that our level is recognized not only within the native country.

We were pleasantly excited and inspired by the task to be solved at the “Roshen” factory. This company is well known in Ukraine and abroad not only for its products. The company's management always tries to communicate more with regular users, to conduct interesting tours for both children and adults. Therefore, it is important to create an appropriate atmosphere for visits, image, learn at any time of day, and lighting in this matter plays not the least role.

The concept of street and facade lighting system is to maintain a balance between the fairy tale and the spirit of the future. It is necessary to consider this design from two positions:

  • During the day. Street lighting is not required, but it is important that the supports and lamps do not disturb the harmony of the space;
  • At night. Now everything matters: height, shape, temperature, quality. Together, the supports and lamps form a single pattern, create an atmosphere and become a lever of complete transformation.

Lighting and landscaping - Lucas Goy - les éclaireurs. This inscription says that the project was implemented by a design team known internationally. Lucas Goy is a leading designer at les éclaireurs, a lighting design company. They position themselves as artists and architects of the world. Their works are the embodiment of fairy-tale dreams, for example, how the world can seem tangible, three-dimensional.

In order for a fairy tale to become a reality, it is not enough to define a concept and create a scheme. It is important to be confident in the quality of the equipment. The best types and models of modern lamps were used here:

  • Bega. This is a world-class brand with a narrow specialization. Focusing on one segment allowed them to bring their designs to perfection. They are on the list of leaders in the field of industrial and outdoor lighting;
  • We-ef. The products of this company not only actively implement advanced technologies. They paid special attention to the development of models that are not afraid of any weather conditions. Their products, without losing aesthetics, are able to serve for years under temperature changes, direct sunlight, gusts of wind, glaciation;
  • Schreder. When quality and reliability become the main characteristics of any brand product, it simply inevitably becomes one of the leaders. This company has its own handwriting in design, which makes them in demand;
  • Wila. This brand helps to solve complex artistic problems. Despite its lower popularity, it is loved by designers for its freshness and non-standard solutions. The quality does not suffer;
  • Kkdc. There is another method to solve non-standard design problems when lighting the facade and territory.

To ensure that all this is securely fastened and lasts as long as possible, ROSA lighting poles have been selected. They are not only quite durable, but also complement the aesthetics of the lamps, creating a complete picture.

We are proud to have participated in this project. Seeing lamp after lamp light up a fairy tale, how space changes in the rays of light - this is the moment for which we are working now and will not leave our direction in the future.