The airport is a special area. It is, in a sense, a business card of the country, and it is also a place of increased attention, clear organization of human movement and transport. Therefore, light plays a key role here and without proper professionalism to organize the correct, aesthetic and effective lighting is simply impossible.

Another challenge and reason for us to confirm our high level was the design of the expanded and updated international terminal A at Zhulyany airport. In order to ensure maximum aesthetics, comfort, as well as to comply with state building codes, we have studied the operation of the airport and the relevant regulatory framework.

Outdoor lighting was to solve two problems at once:

  • Provide good visibility at night or in bad weather for pedestrians and drivers in parking lots and driveways;
  • Create a single ensemble with the architecture of the building; emphasize its uniqueness, its own style.

It was important to choose the most durable solutions that require a minimum of ongoing maintenance.

The choice fell on Europoles products. This brand has been supplying quality constructions, including lighting poles, for more than 100 years. Thanks to the unique, time-tested and tested galvanizing technology, steel greatly extends its service life. The coating is so thin that it has almost no effect on the weight of the finished product.

For lighting we took Schreder lamps. This is a global brand that has shown that quality and aesthetics, as well as competent engineering solutions can be neighbors in every spotlight. Another important advantage of this brand's products is durability, which grows into an economic factor due to the lack of costs for repairs or unscheduled replacement of the spotlight.

We also used our own constructions for outdoor lighting. This was due to the need to make unique components that were needed to accurately solve the problem. We took only the best components of Italian production.

For interior lighting, we had to solve a difficult design problem. The new territory of the expanded terminal was somewhat different in appearance from the old wing. Although the designers inherited the style in the architecture itself, it was possible to smooth out the difference only with the help of well-organized light. It was important to take into account the functional load of each unit, to ensure the preservation of styles for restaurants and Duty Free shops and their organic integration into the interior.

Another important aspect is strict compliance with state building codes. Airports require increased attention to security issues, including the use of electricity. Our experts strictly adhered to all the requirements at the stage of project development, in the selection of equipment, directly during installation. For work we used communications and the equipment of the best manufacturers from Italy and Germany. As a result, it was possible to create a safe and functional environment for airport staff and passengers.

What we did in the project:

  • Developed and implemented outdoor lighting for the terminal;
  • Provided the required level of illumination in the areas of passport control and aviation security, at the reception desks;
  • Decorated architectural lighting in the Duty Free zone and catering outlets;
  • Designed and installed lighting for the waiting room and all entrance groups;
  • Provided in the project and implemented additional sockets and connectors for recharging mobile gadgets.

We not only carried out the installation, but also selected and supplied all the necessary equipment. This approach has many advantages:

  • Quality control, project implementation (author's supervision) is performed continuously and comprehensively;
  • The project is implemented much faster than with a large number of subcontractors;
  • Transparent estimate and clearly defined cost of all works.

Our approach is to always put quality and safety first, to create an environment that will be as functional and aesthetic as possible, to convey character and style through light.