Today, housing has completely different requirements. The cloned yards are gone; there is a need for a harmonious space, which is not limited to an apartment in a new building. Modern residential complexes must solve many problems, including meeting the human need for comfort and aesthetics of the surrounding space.

It is impossible to do this without light, and in the River Stone residential complex in Kyiv we were set the following tasks:

  • develop lighting for the park in the residential complex;
  • design facade lighting for buildings;
  • deliver everything you need and install the lighting.

It was important not just to achieve the desired level of illumination, but also to preserve the concept of the whole complex, to emphasize its architectural ideas.

Another important point is that we had to take into account the appearance of the supports and the installation of lamps in daylight. It was important not to disturb the ensemble, which was designed by architects, and to supplement it, to make the same small touches that make the residential complex inhabited, cozy and elegantly stylish.

We chose ROSA aluminum supports for park lighting. Our experience in designing and implementing such projects has shown that this is the best value for money. This Polish manufacturer is already well known around the world for its supports, their products are used in many large facilities of international importance.

The luminaires were used from the ROSA and Schreder brands. The second brand is also a world-renowned owner, and one of the standards of quality among street lighting.

Selected luminaires have the following advantages:

  • the possibility of use in intelligent lighting systems;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • ease of maintenance and replacement of elements;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • natural light, which does not distort the color and provides good visibility;
  • aesthetic appearance, stylish design.

When designing the lighting of the facades, it was decided to emphasize the main architectural features of the buildings - an interesting roof design. With the help of LED-tape, we have created clear lines, which at night not only outline the contour of the case, but also give the whole residential complex a bright and slightly futuristic look, giving the impression that this LCD is ahead of its time.

So, in this project we:

  • designed and implemented interesting lighting of facades;
  • developed lighting of the park and implemented it in such a way that the lines of light emphasize the pattern of paths, highlight areas, provide a beautiful view at night;
  • made sure that during the day the park also looked aesthetically pleasing, and supports and lamps complemented its ensemble;
  • provided the required level of illumination in all traffic areas in the residential complex.

We were very pleased to participate in such a project, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, where every decision - for the comfort and aesthetic satisfaction of residents, where the design of the future is created.